Killing UV Haze on hunters' orange vests

Killing UV Haze on hunters' orange vests

Orange vests are mandatory on most of U.S. states because of safety reasons, and even when it's well known that major game animals don't perceive colors as humans do, there's still some concern among some hunters and biologist about if deer, moose and other big games are able to detect hunters because of their orange vest.

The fact is that hunting animals have keen senses, especially a sharp eye, however they don't perceive the same colors spectrum that humans, thus instead of orange, deer, moose, etc see orange vests on a gray-yellow scale.

Such color might blend with the surroundings but hunters need to be still since animals are specialists on movement detection, thus despite the vest color and even the use of camouflage, movement is the key to detect hunters.

On the other hand, all big games have mastered the art  of detecting human shape, especially on high pressure hunting areas where all animals have known to avoid human presence.Can deer see orange vests?

With the above in mind, no matter the color but the shape, thus all kind of garment designed to pretend not to be human will work regardless the color, thus an unusual orange vest model different from classic pattern will help both, to cut human silhouette and allow  other hunters to locate you before shooting, and that's a big deal.

Nevertheless recent investigations have lead to the fact that big games, especially deer are able to see some kind of U.V. radiation

On this regard, most of orange vest has an invisible U.V. haze for humans that's easily detected by deers, then even when they don't see a human shape neither orange color, deer and other big animals might be able to detect hunters presence due to such U.V. haze.

In order to avoid U.V. haze globs, orange vests as well any other safety garment may be treated with products especially designed to kill such emissions, but how to know if it will work?

After all we are not able to see U.V. radiation nor before neither after treatment! 

Well, certainly you could be victim of a fraud using a low quality product to kill U.V. traces from your orange vest, unless you do the following:

Just get into a dark room with a black light and shine all garment intended to be assessed. U.V. emitting garment will glow on such conditions. 

Afterwards spray the U.V. killer product all over your vest, hats and every other glowing garment. If the spray works, the glowing will disappear almost instantly.

Now you are ready to use your orange vest without any concern of being detected by your game, and even when no one has reported a scared deer because of orange vests before, it's better to diminish as much as possible all the chances. 

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