Late Season Duck Hunting Tips

Late Season Duck Hunting Tips

Duck hunting is much easier early in the season when inexperienced ducks are headed south and are shot down with almost no effort. On this time of the season just by deploying a duck decoy group and make a few calls is enough to have success.

But late on the season, by December, things works very different; by this moment ducks have seen almost every type of decoy, decoy deployment and have heard every single call, so survivors are clever and are not cheated so easy and the hunting season seems to be over.

However, with some little tricks perhaps you are about the best part of the season, that reserved only for the most experienced, smarter and patient hunters.

1. Change decoys deployment

By this time of the year birding couples have been established and male ducks are not looking for hens anymore, thus deployment of large decoy groups is useless, instead placing them on pairs and some singles away a few yards one from another will mimic ducks behavior by this time of the year and will increase the chances to cheat them.

In addition this particular deployment is not usualy used by many hunters, thus even when ducks have seen all kind of decoys placement by this

time, this will be something new for them and will be fooled easily.

2. New quacks and calls
Late Season Ducks Hunting
The same reason supporting the decoys deployment is behind the change of calls; by this time of year calls mimicking hens looking for drakes are ineffective because all couples have been set and will keep that way until the end of the season, thus coupling calls will not attract ducks but will make them suspicious instead.

To attract ducks to your area it will be better to use single quacks and feeding calls, after all once the couple are set the birds still need to eat.

3. Enhance your blind or boat cover

Remember about the keen sight of ducks and how smarter they have got by the end of the season; thus a poor camouflaged blind or boat will be simply detected and ducks just won't get close enough to you for a shot.

Set up your hunting point as hidden as possible and find some natural cover from the area, afterwards keep as still as possible and wait for the ducks coming to you; in addition if you set your blind away from the most crowded hunting areas you will be able to catch those birds flying away from zones they know hunters are placed.

4. Be sure to have water near you

Ducks love water and by this time of the year most of it is iced; thus if you are able to have a small unfrozen pond near to you, water will act like a magnet for the ducks.

Cut out some ice pieces and try to keep water visible from the air and if possible hidden from the ground level; you may be sure ducks will be there for you sooner than you think.

As it's seen, ducks season is not over, the only thing is that now is only for the smartest guys.

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