Late Season Squirrel Hunting

Late Season Squirrel Hunting

Perhaps this is the more demanding part of the season to catch a squirrel, even when they are not so high up on the trees as on the early season, to find this tiny animals on late season is not an easy task since they are lethargic and no much active; in fact the rarely leave from their dens too long; after all there's no much to do outside at late season when it's cold and with a limited food supply available.

Such situation requires a lot of patience from the hunter as well a special ability to identify den trees; once done, the name of the game is patience.

You must sit down on a covered position and wait, wait and wait, usually squirrels will show up early in the morning or at the end of the day but no so long, thus very good reflexes are mandatory, specially after being Late Season Squirrel Huntingmonitoring the area from hours almost immobile.

Once an squirrel shows up, you'll have to shoot fast as a lightning because it will not expend too much time outside, in fact the animal may get out just a few seconds, jumping from one tree to another very fast, giving to the hunter a very tiny chance to shot.

Nevertheless if you miss your first shot, keep waiting, probably the same squirrel or another one will take its head out to figure out what's that mess, and that will be your next chance.

Of course it's easier to say it than doing it, but if you are patient enough, you will be able to dominate the mastery of squirrel hunting and once you achieve such mastery, you'll become a very good hunter regardless the game you chose to go for.

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