Maine Black Bear Hunting Essentials

Maine Black Bear Hunting Essentials

Black bear hunting is very popular in US states where black bears live as well in Canada and each year more hunters join to black bear hunting trips when season begins.

As it has happened on the past with other species, overhunting is a real risk when an animal becomes a popular hunting game and even when currently black bear conservation status is "Less Concerned", rules and regulations intended to prevent overpressure over black bear populations are very clear about what is allowed and what not regarding black bears hunting.

Moreover, many regulations are intended to protect not only black bear population but also humans, avoiding hunting on areas where it would be possible regular or eventual contact with resident human population.

On this regard rules and regulations differ from one state to other but overall there are certain common guidelines, thus taking as model Maine regulations, let's see the essentials regarding black bears hunting in U.S.

Remember that there will be differences from state to state, thus being aware of local rules on the area you are intended to hunt is mandatory to avoid law infringement.

Nevertheless, knowing basic rules at Maine will be helpful.

1. Bag LimitBlack Bear Hunting

For 2018 season bag limit is one killed bear (firearm, bow, crossbow) and one trapped. That's 2 bears per person along all the season.

2. Permissions

You need both, a valid hunting license as well a bear hunting permit. 

3. Hunting Methods

Bears can be hunt using traps or weapons, on the last case hunters are allowed to use rifle, handguns, muzzleloader, shotguns (with slugs only and not larger than 10 gauge), bow and arrow (with a minimum draw weight of 35 lbs.) or crossbow (with a minimum draw weight of 100 lbs.) however you must refer to the local Wildlife office where you are planning to hunt in order to have up to date information on this regard.

4. Dogs

Bears can be hunt using dogs, however no more than 6 dogs chasing a single bird are allowed.

5. Bait

Bait hunting is allowed for black bears, however some restrictions apply, on a next post you will find detailed information about bears bating.

6. Private lands

Along with hunting license and bear permit, a written consent must be obtained from landowners when hunting on a third party's private land.

7. Registration

All killed bears must be reported and registered at the local wildlife office. As soon the total number of bears allowed for the season is reached, the season will be closed.

The above regulations will give you a good idea about essentials regarding black bear hunting, however don't forget to consult local regulations at the place you are planning to hunt, not only for bears but for any other game on your list.


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