Mid Season Squirrel Hunting Tips

Mid Season Squirrel Hunting Tips

Perhaps you missed the early season squirrel hunting or you are simply looking for something "less demanding" at less for your neck, because it may not be denied that early hunting season demands extra neck strength to look up on the the trees for squirrels.

By the mid season, once the leaves have fallen, squirrels habits change dramatically and hence hunting tactics too; by this time this tiny, restless animals will descend from the trees down to the ground looking for nuts buried beneath the leaves.

At ground level squirrels move fast and erratically looking for food, making of them a very hard target to shoot at; but once they find a good nut to eat, they will remain quiet and almost unconcerned about what's going around. That's the moment you have being waiting for!

But the truth is that it's easier to say than doing it; thus basic hunting tactic here is the stealth. By midseason squirrels are more active at dawn and dusk; hence you must previously spot for an area with signs of squirrels activity and find a good cover at ground level and hide thereMid Season Squirrel Hunting before squirrels become active, that way your presence will not be detected easily.

Remember about the keen sight of squirrels, they will be aware of every little change on the area as well of movement, hence find coverage behind a fallen tree or a rock pile; try to avoid sitting on top of blowdowns or stumps because squirrels will run away for sure.

Now the game name is "waiting". Success depends of how long the hunter may wait until the perfect moment for a shot. Sit calm ans wait still, don't be tempted to shoot as soon a squirrel appears, just give time to the animal to find a nut and begin to eat; once focused on its meal it will be easy to shoot it down.

At ground level a .22 or .17-caliber rifle will be good to hit the animal without destroying the body. If you miss the first shot reload quick and quiet because despite the noise, squirrels will be more concerned about movement, hence if you remain still enough to avoid being seen, and ready to shot again, squirrels will resume their meal soon, giving you a chance for a second shot.

This technique demands patience and hiding skills but it pays back for sure; in addition, all the learned while stalking squirrels will be beneficial once we are behind bigger games.

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