Moose Hunting Basics

Moose Hunting Basics

If you are a deer hunter, perhaps it's time to increase your bet and go for something bigger; if so, moose hunting is for you.

Moose hunting has a lot in common with deer hunting, thus if you are an experienced deer hunter, it won't be a big deal to switch to moose hunting, but as usual, there's some basic tips you need to know to increase your chances.

First of all, avoid truck hunting. Even when you may cover a bigger area, your chances are lower especially because moose try to avoid human contact and stay away from roads, hence your chances to find a moose within a vehicle are quite low; additionally in many states that's ilegal.

With the aforementioned in mind, first thing you need is to get out of your truck and move to the bushes. You will need to walk a lot, but at the end it will pay.

Moose don't like human contact and try to stay away from people activities areas,
Moose Hunting Tips
then areas near roads, camps, or crowded hunting lands are not a good place to find a moose since the animals will stay as far as possible from there; instead, move deep in the woodland to increase your chances.

Once deep in the woods you need to know where to find a moose, otherwise your hard work will not pay. As on deer hunting, pre-season scouting is a big deal; try to focus on a relative limited area and learn about it as much as possible. Where there are food sources, water and so on. Help from residents or experienced hunters on those lands will be great since they know about local moose behaviours and where to find them.

After pre-season scouting, next thing you need to know is how to differentiate old from fresh moose signs in order to perform a remarkable tracking. Obviously that could not be learned just by reading a book and practice is the only way to master moose tracking, however knowing the basics from a textbook or specialized magazine is a good way to begin.

When tracking remember to keep the wind on your face, that way you will have more chances to defeat moose smell sense; using a portable vane could give you an edge.

Use proper clothing, as usual, camouflage can be the difference between fail and success but remember that camouflage is more than just clothing, then an odor remover, lure scents and decoys will be helpful, in addition try to be as still as possible if you don't wish to be detected.

Always consider moose behaviours when hunting, during rut, moose cows tend to stay near water courses and ponds and bulls spend their time patrolling their territory, thus you may chase a bull with a good cow decoy.

Remember that moose love cold, then at the season beginning, when the temperatures are not low enough, you'll need to move towards higher altitudes to increase your odds; perhaps that's the most important thing to know, because while other hunters crowd on areas which moose avoid, you will be going straight to the core!

Certainly there's a lot more about moose hunting, but beginning with the basics you will start with the right foot.

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