Moose Hunting Tactics

Moose Hunting Tactics

Moose hunting may be frustrating if not done properly. The most common mistake is trying to cover a wide area without even abandoning the truck; an strategy that might paid but not often since moose try to stay away from people as much as they can.

In order to succeed on your next moose hunting, especially if you are knew to it, there are a few tips you need to know in order to increase your odds.

1. Don't try to beat moose senses

Moose have a very keen smell sense and ears as well a sharp vision, so you need to make an extra effort to remain invisible.

As usual you will need odor eliminators on your gear and clothes and if possible a scent lure; on the other hand your clothes must not make any noise when you are moving around, otherwise moose will detect your presence and will run away.

Regarding clothing, fleece and wool are the best fabrics. Remember, you need to be "noise proof" is you wish to succeed.

Finally remember your camo, otherwise moose will see you miles away and you simply won't have any chance.

2. Learn to read "Moose Hunting Tipsmoose signs"

On moose territory there are plenty of signs indicating about their presence but you need to recognize patterns. Once you are able to recognize moose signs and make the distinction between fresh and old signs, it will be a lot easier to track a good game.

3. Study the area and make some pre-season scout

Even when moose territories are large, you don't need to cover all the terrain, instead focusing on bedding areas as well in water and food sources will pay higher.

However identifying those areas is not as easy as it seems, so take your time using maps, google earth and local guides to identify areas where it's more probably to find moose.

4. Learn about decoys and calls

Moose are easily fooled, then if you get familiar with decoys and basic calls, half the job is done.

There are plenty of decoys available, but mastering decoying is not so simple, so get familiar with the proper way to fool a male moose or a cow, depending of what you are looking for.

Regarding calls, it's a little bit complex, but nothing you can't master after enough practice.

Remember that in some states food luring is prohibited, so make sure to be aware of local regulations on the area where you are hunting in to stay away from problems with the law.

5. Try to hunt during moose rush

On this part of the season it will be easier to locate moose without going so deep into the woods, on the other hand decoying will be a lot easier, so try to go out for your game during rush.

6. Get familiar with moose habitat and behavioral patterns

Moose use the same feeding, bedding and breeding areas years after year. If you know their habits and get familiar with a particular area, your chances will increase season after season, so be sure to do your homework learning as much as possible not only about moose habits but about moose on your hunting ground particular behavior.

7. Use the wind in your favor

Always try to approach moose with the wind in your hand in order to avoid the animal to smell you. If you have the wind on your back, moose will probably detect you longer before you get to the shooting range.

8. Beware of wounded moose

Once you shoot a moose, get close to the game from the back, that means looking its spine instead of the legs. If when you reach the body eyes are open, Excerpt Caution! Because the animal is still alive and you'll probably need to shoot again.

The above are the core tips for moose hunting. Of course there are many more, but if you master these 8 tips you'll be ready not only for your first moose hunting, but to learn much more about this type of hunt.

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