Moose Hunting Tips

Moose Hunting Tips

Moose are among the biggest, most powerful animals among big game hunting in North America and, despite their big size it's a pretty hard job to catch one.

Their keen senses and natural precaution make difficult to find and take down a big bull, especially considering they are able to cover a lot of terrain in a considerable short timeframe, making of moose stalking a high demanding hunt.

On the other hand, despite being a big game, going out for moose is not like going for deer or any other big animal in North American forests, thus having knowledge, tips, and tricks about moose hunting probably will make the difference, even more, if you are a lucky guy... perhaps luck is not the moose hunting cornerstone but definitely it helps.

Let's see a few tips to increase your odds to catch a moose, no matter if it's your first time trying it.

On this regard the most important thing to say is hunting begins much before the season does, let's see why:

1. Get in good shape
Yes, moose hunting is not for lazy, out of shape people. Once in the woods, you will need to hike for miles on abrupt terrain, climbing hills, and crossing creeks.

To do so perhaps you don't need to be ready for the Olympics but certainly, aMoose hunting tips decent fitness condition is required.

2. Practice with the ammo you plan to use
No matters how precise is your shooting if you practice with ammunition different from what you will in the woods, the chances of missing are high.

Remember to practice at least 100 yards away from your target using the same ammo you will take with you. By doing so you assure your skills with the gun caliber and distance required for moose hunting are on the top level.

Once you have completed your homework, at least during 6 months before the season begins, remember about the next tip:

3. Knowing the terrain is paramount
Beginning at home using topographic maps and available information in Google Earth as well other resources, and ending in the field with the pre-season scouting, knowing your hunting ground is paramount for success.

It seems obvious but many hunters get familiar just with main roads and don't go beyond, leaving aside just the areas where moose will run for cover in case of danger.

4. Be always ready
Regardless you are headed to your blind or tree stand, be always ready to shoot.

It's impossible to find out when a moose will cross just in front of you and, if your gun is not ready for a rapid shoot, you will probably lose the chance of a lifetime to take down a moose that just appeared in front of you from nowhere.

5. Don't think you missed
If you are sure about a clear shot, don't think you missed just because the moose didn't fall immediately.

These are powerful, endurance animals that can run for a while before falling, so if you see a moose running away before being hit, just stalk it for a while and probably you will be surprised by your success.

Of course, nothing is more valuable than experience and practice but, following the above tips will add something extra to increase your success odds, however, remember!.... Moose hunting success begins at home, much before the season begins.

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