Mountain Goat hunting basic tactics

Mountain Goat hunting basic tactics

Now you are fully prepared and have what's required for mountain goat hunting, it's time to get introduced to basic tactics. As usual it will take time until mastering but at the end, with enough patience and dedication, you will be a successful goat hunter.

First thing to do is packing all what you'll need at least during a week. Mountain goat hunting is about days and not hours, you'll be on the most remote mountain areas, so it's best to pack enough food, first aid kit, hunting apparels and proper clothing.

Remember that on high altitudes weather is your first enemy and it's easy to be defeated by it, especially during late season when freezings, cold rain and wind could turn a hunting expedition onto a life threatening situation. So be prepared for the worst weather conditions you have ever seen.

Despite rigorous weather conditions, late season is the best time to catch a world class trophy since mountain goats coat will be thicker and will have its best color and shape, so expending some time on a very cold, hard weather will pay back, but only if you are ready to give your best.

Among hunting gear perhaps the most important thing is a pair of good binoculars. Mountain goat hunting usually takes place on a long range and good binoculars makes the difference, not only to locate your trophy but also allowing to easily differentiate sex and maturity of your potential catch. Mountain goat hunting tactics

Additionally you will be able to evaluate the area where the goat is, as well access to retrieve the animal once killed. This is a critical step, otherwise you could end with a great trophy on an inaccessible area, making impossible to retrieve the goat, just a waste of time and energy!

Once you have located a goat, it's time to plan your approach and to do it you'll need to have the whole picture, not only where the goat is but also from where you will chase it, possible escape routes for the animal and access to retrieve your game.

When planning your approach remember to do it from above the animal level. Mountain goats rarely are afraid of what's above their heads, but see as a threat anything approaching from below; so if your approximation route is below the goat head, it will probably run away climbing far from your shooting range. Instead if you are approaching from above it won't realize about your presence and if so, you won't be perceived as a real danger.

Now you have located the goat, planned the approximation route and have set everything to shoot down your game, it's time to wait the exact moment to shoot. Mountain goats expend a lot of time on the cliffs but that's the worse area to shoot them because once died, it will be hard to retrieve the game or even worse, the animal could fall down several feet, breaking horns and damaging both meat and coat.

On this regard you must be patient and remain undetected until the goat decides to bed on a relative flat, easy access area. That's the moment you have being waiting for! So try to shoot fast and kill it with a single bullet, otherwise it could climb back to the cliffs before dieing, increasing the difficulties to retrieve the body and increasing your chances of a fatal fall trying to do it.

Mountain goats will demand the best of you and your gear, but at the end you will be part of an elite group of hunters, able to overcome high altitude, bad weather, and all kind of problems to shoot down one of the most formidable games in North America.

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