Mountain Goat Hunting. It's not gaming

Mountain Goat Hunting. It's not gaming

Mountain goats are the ultimate game when challenging you to the next level of hunting. Not because they are dangerous or will fight back, but due to the type of environment they live in.

It's not a joke! Mountain goats live over 11.000 feet, and that's very high for most of people. Add to the above the fact of abrupt terrain and you will be facing the challenge of a lifetime.

A great physical shape is mandatory otherwise, you will not able to end with the scouting neither to find a good game, so if you are planning to go for one of these goats it's better to begin cardio training much before the hunting expedition.

You will need to climb, hike, and move on high, cold terrain then, the best your physical and psychological condition, the better.

One important thing to keep in mind is to avoid altitude sickness. This is a condition appearing when you move from low altitudes or sea level to the mountains highs. The level of oxygen on the blood drops leading to headache,Mountain Goat Hunting dizziness, and nausea.

If this occurs, there's no other way out than moving to a lower altitude, so it's best to be prepared and try to avoid mountain sickness. To do so there are several strategies. The best one, but the longer is to have a long acclimatization period.

Instead of going straight to high altitudes, scale your trip moving from one quote to the other every 4 to 5 days, this way your body has the opportunity to adapt to the new environment. Perhaps it's the longer but is also the best way to allow a physiologic adaptation.

Another strategy is to train on your homeland using a fighter's mouthpiece all the time. This way you simulate exercise in a low oxygen environment, leading to some adaptations of your body to deal with hypoxemia.

A good way to train before going to the mountains is to climb stairs. As much as possible, in order to have strong legs by the moment to face 45º climbs in the mountains, because these goats perhaps are not the cutest animals out there, but their physical endurance and capabilities are remarkable and will push you to the limits.

Once you are physical and mentally prepared, it's time to go for the goats, but don't think it will be a couple of hours trip! Be ready to expend some time in the mountains, after all, goats live away from roads, in remote areas, and just reaching their habitats is a great adventure.

Be prepared to enjoy wonderful landscapes but also to deal with all that mother nature has for you. From rain to very cold wind, a mountain goat hunting expedition is an adventure from the beginning to the end.

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