Multilayer Clothing - The best choice hunting during winter

Multilayer Clothing - The best choice hunting during winter

Winter hunting is a challenge because it's necessary to deal not only with hunting decision making but also to fight against elements.

On a single hunting day weather may change through all imaginable stages. From bright sun to snow and from cold to freezing temperatures because of wind. That's because hunters need to be ready to face all type of climate changes fast, otherwise their own safety is jeopardized.

To deal with all this changes the best strategy is multilayer clothing.

That consists on multiple clothes layers easy to add or remove according to the situation.Multilayer insulation clothing

The inner layer should be lightweight and breathable, the one providing less insulation to be used on warmer situations. Over it each layer must be thicker and more insulated in order to provide proper protection even on the most extreme conditions.

It's highly recommended every cloth layer to have proper camo, this way you will remain undetectable regardless the outer layer is.

Another good hint is to use modern insulation fabrics on most of your clothes. Traditional insulation may be too bulky, especially if you are wearing three or more layers of clothes underneath. 

To avoid such problem, last generation fabric provides extra insulation adding almost not extra thickness. 

Of course you will need a couple of bulky, heavy jackets to face extreme windy and snowing conditions, but that's less than a lot of bulky layers.

It's also important to keep in mind what kind of hunting you are going to perform.

For those waiting on a tree stand or blind, extra protection is required because physical activity is minimum and body temperature tends to drop fast.

On the other hand hunters hiking mountains to catch a wild goat or deer probably will need less insulation even on very cold conditions because exhausting physical activity helps to keep the body warm.

In fact, there's a real risk of overheating even with snow if you have more layers than you need to keep your core temperature within the normal range.

Another factor to keep in consideration is breathability, especially if you are walking and chasing your game. Regardless outside temperature, your body will be warm if you are properly insulated and physical activity will raise temperature leading to sweat.

If your clothes are not respirable all that wet will remain inside your clothes and later, when temperature drops or physical activity diminishes, it will be harder to keep your temperature because of wet inner clothes layers.

It's a wise decision to find an historical series of temperatures on the area you are pretending to hunt as well a reliable forecast, this way you will be able to get ready in advance to all possible weather conditions in the area.

However you must remember, it's always possible to get surprised by mother nature, so have an extra layer of clothes, just in case!


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