Natural Cover Scents for Deer Hunting

Natural Cover Scents for Deer Hunting

When you are behind animals bigger, faster and with keener senses than yours, especially the sense of smell, you need every available trick to be a step ahead and be successful, otherwise deer will detect you and flee before you can react.

On this regard, human odor is the worst hunter enemy, deer may detect human odor several feet away and evade hunters even before there's eye contact, hence it's necessary to cover human odor to have and edge.

Hunters have known this from the very first moment they went out on the wood and early found several ways to cover their odor, however most of their knowledge has been lost because of the rise of commercial cover scents available on specialized stores.

Despite of their effectiveness, commercial scents might have several disadvantages, from the extra money expend up to the use of a particular plant scent on an area where there's not such vegetation; making deer
suspicious to this new, extrange odor, nevertheless that's a rookie mistake and veterans hunters should Natural Cover Scentnot worry about it but what's if you forgot your scent bottle or lost it on the woods?

Then it's time to take advantage of natural resources, on the other hand it might be funny to create your own cover scents as old fashioned hunters done years ago.

The best way to cover human odor is using local vegetation to hide it; once on the area you may pick a handfull of pine-tree needles, break them and rub them between your palms, afterwards wipe your hands on your hunting clothes and gear to impregnate the scent and cover your human odor.

But pine-trees are not the only option, in fact if there's another type of vegetation on the area you make choose something different than pine-trees; in example when hunting on a apple trees crowded area you may grab an apple, cut and rub it on your hands, clothes and equipment to mask your odor; be sure that deer won't be aware of your presence since the apple smell is something familiar for them.

After you first prize another masking odor will be available for you: deer urine.

Urine may be collected from the animal bladder and stored on a plastic container and used to cover your presence, just be sure to clearly label the container to avoid confusions when looking for food and drink supplies!

A few drops of deer urine on your boots will be very helpfull to cover your trace and spray a little bit around your camp will cover your odor as well; in addition deer could get closer to investigate what's going on with that other deer on the area!

These inexpensive, effective tricks will give you and edge when hunting and will help you to safe money too, however if you wish to move a step forward perhaps! it's time to try a Homemade Cover Scent as well!

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