Orange Vests not only for hunters but hounds too

Orange Vests not only for hunters but hounds too

Orange vests are a mandatory safety measure for all those hunting in the U.S., the aim is to make every hunter in the bushes visible to his fellow hunters in the area, avoiding accidental gunshots to people instead than animals.

Since orange is not a common color in the natural environment and it's visible hundred yards away, this color was chosen for vests in order to facilitate hunters to distinguish between a game and other hunters.

Moreover, most game animals are blinded to orange, so they won't note the vest but hunters in the area will.

But what about hounds? It would be easy for a hunter to get confused and take a hound by a game, shooting and killing it.

Orange vest for hunters

To avoid such a fatal mistake, hounds also must wear an orange vest. This will allow you and other hunters in the area to easily differentiate a hunter animal (hound) from a hunted one (the game).

Once again, most animals allowed to be hunted with hounds are blinded to orange and won't notice the hounds presence because of the color, but they will be safe from gunshots because everybody knows an animal wearing an orange vest is a fellow hunter too.

This is particularly important during waterfowl season when hunting grounds get crowded with hunters ready to shoot just with a minor movement. In this case, seeing an orange vest will allow you to decide if it's safe to shoot or not in less than a second.

It's just a conditioned reflex, once you see something orange in front of you, the finger will stay away from the trigger.

In this regard, it's important that every person in a hunting area wears an orange vest, no matter if it's a hunter or not.

Think about a hiking excursion or a walk in the bushes for firewood, just in the middle of deer season. It will be hard for you to see hunters due to blinds and camouflage, while they will be focusing on deer, not humans, so it would be easy to shoot a person after confounding it with a deer or any other hunting game.

To avoid such an unfortunate accident, the wisest choice is to wear an orange vest too, this way hunters will identify you as a human being and won't shoot.

Perhaps it's not the most comfortable clothing article, but an orange vest can keep you and your hounds away from accidental gunshots, so never forget to provide everyone in your hunter expedition with one.

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