Pigeons Hunting Tips during Winter

Pigeons Hunting Tips during Winter

When the cold comes and most of trees lose their leaves, pigeons hunting turns on a demanding task because due to low temperatures and lack of hiding places, pigeons are not seen as easy as usual.

In fact, those living on areas with severe winter and snow probably will migrate towards warmer areas but in areas where conditions are not so hard and there's still some evergreen plants, pigeons will stay all along the winter but that doesn't mean it will be easier to catch them ... at least if you don't know how to stalkPigeons Hunt pigeons during winter.

First thing to do is scouting looking for ivy and even holly if you are hunting on an area where this small tree grows. Ivy provides a good source of berries all along the winter while holly or any other evergreen foliage tree provides cover, so when scouting, you need to identify cover and feeding places.

Once you have done it, try to find out which trees are the most popular among pigeons on the area; try to see how many birds descend on a particular tree along a given period o time and look how long they stay.

After a relatively short time you will be able to identify several trees where pigeons are feeding, especially early in the morning. Then it's time to find proper cover for you in order to wait for pigeons and shot down them, once at a time.

Usually it's not necessary a complex piece of camo, in fact just a camo net is enough to keep you out of sight, moreover, natural foliage on the area or natural covers as fallen trees might be enough to keep you out of sight.

However you need to remember that shine and movement will show your position as a spotlight, so stay as still as possible and avoid shining objects like watches or jewelry; even a small ring may reveal your position.

Regarding odor, that's not so important when hunting pigeons, so it does not worth your position against wind.

When you have performed proper scout and set your cover, it's time to wait. It won't take too long for pigeons to show up, and then one after the other you will be able to shoot down several pigeons on the same day using an airgun or a small caliber gun.

The best thing it that you may get to the same place day after day with good results, after all there's not too much places around there for pigeons to feed, so proper location selection will be key all along winter.


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