Precautions when wearing a Ghillie Suit

Precautions when wearing a Ghillie Suit

Using a ghillie suit is the best way to remain invisible when stalking your game, in fact, it's the best camouflage suite ever, but despite its advantages, there are some risks to deal with when wearing one.

The first and most noticeable risk is that same as your game, other hunters can't detect your presence in the area; so in very crowded hunting grounds, you may not be noticed and result accidentally injured because someone shoot towards your position without being aware you were there because of the suit.

On the other hand, ghillie suits are intended for long term stalking; so it's supposed to be used when you'll lie still stalking your game for long periods with very slow movements or no movement at all; thus if you need to run or maneuver on the bushes because of any reason; your movement and maneuver capabilities will be diminished because of the suit.

Third thing to consider is noise. That's a very sensitive issue, especially if your ghillie suit is not built of top quality materials, leading to noise when you move Precautions when using a ghillie suitand even because of the breeze; something that could show your position; so be sure your suit makes no noise.

A fourth issue to keep in mind is that your ghillie suit could compromise your supplies capabilities. The suit itself is bulky and you won't be wearing it all the time but only while stalking; so you will have to carry it towards and from the hunting ground, thus your profitable load will be diminished because of the suit and you will have less food, cartridges and equipment with you, since the available space and carrying capability is limited.

Finally there's a real risk of dehydration. Ghillie suits are hot, very hot and you will sweat a lot, something that can be a problem, especially during summer because you could get dehydrated.

Dehydration will not only make you feel thirsty; instead you may get disoriented, your critical thinking could be compromised and even it's possible to remain unconscious, so when you are wearing a ghillie suit, be sure to have enough water with you, otherwise not only your safety but your life will be in danger.

The aforementioned is not to avoid ghillie suits use, but to create awareness about associated potential risks in order to allow users to make arrangements  to minimize such risks as much as possible. So, next time you wear your ghillie suit, at least be sure to carry enough water with you.

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