Preseason Scouting. The secret for bow hunting success

Preseason Scouting. The secret for bow hunting success

Let's face it, even when firearm hunting gives us an adrenaline flood, there's nothing else more exciting than bow hunting, perhaps because the hunt occurs on a more closed range or due to the absence of second chances if you miss your shot, archery hunting remains to be the most personal, demanding and technical complex hunting modality.

Since the reaction time is critical as well choosing the right place to hit your catch, bow hunters are in need to become very familiar not only with the hunting ground but also with habits of animals living in the area, so the more you know about it, more the chances for success.

Here it's where preseason scouting becomes a very useful tool; even before putting a foot on the woods you need to prepare yourself, especially if you are going to an area you have never been before, thus preparation begins at home and topographical maps are quite a good stat point.

There are many sources, online and printed but whichever you choose, be sure to have a high accurate map; afterwards proceed to carefully study the area: elevated terrain, water sources, woods, clear areas and so on.

Once you are familiar with each detail of the hunting ground it's time to plan your preseason scout; obviously this will take more time that simply go out there with no prior preparation but at the end of the day you will be proud of results.

Now on the woods it's time to use each single existing technique to give you an edge over your catch; so you may try one or more of the following options:

Trail Cameras: It's like magic since they allow you a 24 hours presence without been Trail camera in placethere physically. Place a couple of cameras near food and water sources where animals are expected to be, and the show starts!

The detailed analysis of your memory card information will allow you to create behavior patterns of potential catches on your area, thus you will be able to be present at the right place on the right moment.

It's exciting so far! But remember, the keyword here is patience ...

Attract your Catches: Once you have studied and selected the area it's time to attract your catch towards you; i.e. if you are going behind deers, mineral licks are a good option. Follow the directions and you will see how deers comes to you shortly.

Glassing: Many times the hunting ground is vast and full of open areas, making difficult to scout without being detected. Since many animals are able to detect the most insignificant change on their environment, long range surveillance is a great option while it allows to study behavior patterns and routines without disturbing the local animals, moreover, it helps to save a lot of energy since you will need to enter the hunting area just to stalk your catch.

Now you are ready, it's time to sit down and see; once again remember: patience it the key word.

Once you are very familiar with the hunting ground, the animals behaviors as well as their routines, all what you need is on your hands, then the only thing you have to do is to choose the right moment and do your best move!

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