Preserve Meat after Hunting is mandatory in Alaska

Preserve Meat after Hunting is mandatory in Alaska

In Alaska, preservation of natural resources and respect to all living being is just a natural matter, thus it's not a surprise that when you kill an animal, especially a big game, all edible meat must be saved.

Even when this could be a matter of common sense, the state of Alaska does not leave it to a personal decision; instead there are regulations to be strictly followed in order to comply with the law.

Overall, all edible meat must be properly handled and saved; from the moment an animal is killed, up to final storage at home. Failing to do so will be considered an offense with a minimum penalty of US$ 2.000 fine and 7 days in jail, up to 10.000 Meat preservation after killing an animal is mandatory in AlaskaUS$ fine and one year in prison.

So, before going to hunt in Alaska, it's better to know not only regulations regarding this topic, but also all the required techniques to accomplish it in order to preserve edible meat, because just failing to attempt meat saving, is considered an offense.

This is particular true for big games such as deer; so proper knowledge about how to skin out the body, cut it in pieces and preserve meat is required to hunt in Alaska; otherwise you won't be able to comply with meat saving regulations.

On the other hand there are some exceptions to this rule, such as the case of brown/grizzly bear, wolf and wolverine. 

So, if you are planning to hunt in Alaska, just be sure to count with all the necessary equipment not only to chase and hunt, but also to preserve meat. This will guarantee and enjoyable hunting trip without any law issues.

If you have doubts about regulations refer to Alaska Department of Fish and Game website, on the other hand, if you need information about meat preservation techniques, try to find information on the internet multiple resources or find a local hunting guide advise.

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