Protect your skin outdoors

Protect your skin outdoors

No matters if it's winter or summer, cloudy or sunshine, when you are outdoors your skin is exposed to UV rays and at risk of late-onset problems.

Believe it or not, sunburns are a minor concern, instead, skin cancer is a worse problem, being able to jeopardize not only your health but your life, however, once it appears it's too late for preventive measures, that's why it's important to protect your skin from UV rays all the time when you are outdoors.

UV rays are part of the nonvisible light spectrum and due to their wavelength can achieve your skin even when covered by clothes, so when long exposure to sunlight is expected, the skin must be protected properly.Sunscreen to protect your skin agains UV rays

Don't get fooled by clouds, UV rays will target your skin regardless of a cloudy sky or cold weather, moreover, during wintertime, especially in the mountains, your skin is exposed to UV rays as much as on a beach day during the summer, so be careful and take measures before is too late.

The best way to do so is to avoid sun exposure but, if you are outdoors that's virtually impossible, so it's necessary to protect the skin accordingly.

Even when clothes attenuate UV exposure, that's not enough, moreover, no matters how much you cover your body, there's always exposed skin and during hot, summer days, the proportion of uncovered skin may be considerable, so to avoid sunburns and diminish skin cancer risk, it's necessary to use sunscreens.

Sunscreens or sunblocks are specially designed cosmetics intended to prevent UV rays to achieve your skin.

They may work in two different ways, reflecting UV rays or absorbing them.

Regardless of the mechanisms of action, high-quality sunscreen prevents hazardous exposition to UV rays, diminishing the risks of sunburns and skin cancer.

So, next time you are outdoors for fun, training, and even hunting, be sure to keep with you a high-quality sun protection cream.

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