Quail Hunting Tips

Quail Hunting Tips

Quail hunting definitely is not an easy task despite of the low size of birds and their harmless behavior, however after knowing a few secrets, things may become easier, especially for rookies.

First thing to know when quail hunting is about  terrain; quails prefer open land areas with varied vegetation to feed from, on some ares they prefer arid or semi-arid terrain and almost for your you will find them on very complicated terrains to go through, thus be prepared to cover many acres and make a big physical effort.

Quails tend to form big coveys but since most of time they are feeding on the ground it's hard to locate them, hence if you bring a couple of dogs to your quail hunting, they smells sense will do things easier for you; in addition they will be very helpfull to retrieve the fallen birds. Labradors and Spaniels are of the best dogs for quail hunting.Quail Hunting Tips

Weather conditions for quail hunting tend to be warmer than other types of hunting, then lighter clothes are necessary, in addition due to the long distances and the complicated terrain, resistant but light weight boots are mandatory. In addition don't forget to wear vivid colors garment.

Since most of quail hunters go out in groups, vivid color clothes will avoid a hunting accident because you will be more visible to your partners, otherwise someone could be a victim of an accidental shoot. Don't concern about being detected by the birds, they use hearing more than sight to detect threats, thus just be as quiet as possible.

Once a covey is located, dogs may be used to scare birds and make the whole group fly and that's the time to use your shotgun. A 410 to 12 gauge one is the best choice due to its power level and long barrel for more accurate shooting.

NEVER SHOT a LOW FLYING QUAIL. You are risking to kill your own dogs or even worse a hunting partner, instead you must wait until the selected bird has flown upper the horizontal line to shoot.

Don't try blind shooting; the birds simply will fool you; it's better to focus on one single quail, follow it and shoot as accurate as possible; of course, all of this in a matter of a second or less.

Finally be familiar with the land you are going to hunt on and that area quails habits. Such knowledge will give you an edge since it will be easier to locate the more dense quails populations, increasing your success chances.

Now the only thing left is to set up everything for your next quails hunting trip.

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