Rabbits Hunting Essentials

Rabbits Hunting Essentials

Rabbits hunting is perhaps one of the most demanding small game hunting since the cottontails are not easy to locate and know how to get cover efficiently; thus if you ignore the basics about rabbits hunting, it's possible to go back home with empty hands.

First thing to do is build up a contact net on the field; nobody is better aware about the bunnies presence than farmers; after all they need to keep rabbits away from their plantations and will be happy to provide you enough information to locate their littleRabbits Hunting Essentials enemies.

Once you have identified two or more lands where bunnies are living it's time to scout; usually covering a spot on one or one and a half hour and moving to another later; the best time to do it is at sunrise or sunset, when bunnies are more active and it's easier to locate them but not if you don't know where to look for.

When out on the field try to think as a rabbit; where would you get hidden? Take a look around and search for thick covers; the more dense the bushes, more probably to find bunnies, but you must have a keen eye since most of time the only thing you'll see is a little bunny foot.

A way to have an edge is going out for bunnies on cold, windy days; on such situations the poor rabbits insulation makes them move from one shelter to another, making easier to find them. Look for covers from wind, and snow and you'll find something interesting for sure.

Certainly going out behind rabbits on yourself is not an easy task but it will be a good way to sharp your senses; but if you wish to be more successfull, help from a dog will set a big difference since they are able not only to track rabbits but also to push them towards your guns making the catch easier.

At the end of the day it's all about patience and strategy, so don't be discouraged if you fail on your first attempts; if you keep going, learning about rabbits habits and how to take an edge from them, at the end you'll be a master no only chasing rabbits but also all kind of bigger games.

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