Remember an orange vest for your dogs too

Remember an orange vest for your dogs too

Your dogs are the best hunting fellows you may ever have, they are a great company out in the bushes, unstoppable workers and enjoy hunting even more than their human companions, so it's very frequent to be out there with dogs and cross paths with many hunters with their own dogs packs.

With so many hunters, dogs and bullets flying on the hunting ground, last thing you wish is to hit accidentally a dog of your own of or another hunter, then to avoid confusion and assure dogs' safety, your hunting pack must wear an orange vest, just like you.

Since orange is not a common color on animals, these vests will enhance your dogs visibility, rendering easier to make the difference between hunting dogs and a game; thus nobody will shoot an orange target because it will be identified like a hunter or a hunter's dog.

This way your dogs will stay safe from accidental shoots and will be easier for you to locate them on the bushes, furthermore, orange vests are a great way to be aware of where your dogs are constantly.

But theses vests may be enhanced with additional features other than improved visibility; thus depending of weather conditions, dog's task and environmental characteristics, your dog's orange vest may count with additional capabilities orOrange, safety vest for dogs may be designed to comply with certain specifications as it may be seen below:

1. Keep your dog warmer

Even when most hunting dogs have a thick fur which keeps them insulated and protected from weather and elements, on extremely low temperatures, hard weather conditions or several days out in the bushes, perhaps you'll need to give your dogs extra protection and then insulated orange vests are the best choice.

This type of safety vest will not only enhance your dogs visibility but also will keep them warmer, however they will be effective only if your dogs remain dry, otherwise you'll need vest with additional features.

2. Waterproof orange vests

This type of vests is intended to provide extra protection against wet and water. There are two main types, vests intended to provide rain protection. These vests are built on long lasting, waterproof, light material and will help to protect dogs cape from water and snow, however are useless when a dog must dive on the water.

For such cases neoprene orange vests are the best choice because they not only fit great but also keep your dog warm and visible.

Some vests intended to be used in the water are provided with flotation aids which help dogs to swim back with their capture. This type of vests is especially useful for waterfowl retrievers spending most of the day in and out of the water, one time and once again.

3. Shielded vests

This vests are intended to protect your dog's chest and abdomen from sharp spikes and thorns. Specially designed to be used on dense vegetation areas, these vests help to prevent cut and punctures.

To do so, this model counts with plastic plates on critical areas intended to absorb trauma and protect dog's body.

For those dogs chasing and facing dangerous games such as wild boars, heavy shield is recommended because it will be useful to protect the dog not only of vegetations but also from a wild animal attack.

For those hunters behind games to be hunt at dawn and dusk, high reflective material may be incorporated on the orange vest in order to turn it on a high visibility device easy to detect even on low light conditions.

Make sure to count with the proper vest for your dog, not only to protect it but also to avoid bad injuries and even accidental death of your best hunting partner.

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