Risks you take when hunting. Part I

Risks you take when hunting. Part I

Certainly hunting is associated to several classical risks and even when chances to be hurt are there, the number of hunting associated accidents is not so high as it might be expected considering an activity where firearms and knives are implied.

But even when most of us make an association between hunting and guns or sharp weapons accidents, the real fact is that there are too many different risks, most of them associated to more injuries and incidents than guns.

On this regard we wish to provide a list of the most common risks and how to avoid them in order to render you hunting raid safer, after all the ultimate objective is to enjoy your trip and get back home in one piece.

Let's begin with the main hunting associated risks:

1. Sunburns

No matter if you hunt during winter or summer, you are at risk of sunburns. Ultraviolet rays are always there during daylight even on cloudy days, so outdoors exposure during long hikes and scouting put you on risk of sunburns.

To avoid it wear proper clothing and use sunscreen on exposed skin.Risks you take when hunting

2. Frostbite

This is a real risk for northern hunters during winter season. If a sudden temperature drop catch hunters in the middle of a raid without proper boots and insulation there's a real risk to suffer from frostbite.

The best way to avoid this risk is to be aware of weather forecast and have an emergency clothing adapted to extreme cold in case a storm catches you suddenly.

3. Insect bites

Perhaps this is not considered a severe risk, but when you are hunting on southern swamps, especially with hot weather, a myriad of insect bites may render your life miserable.

On the other hand there's a real risk of insect borne diseases, particularly on tropical and subtropical regions, so avoid insect bites becomes critical. To do so it will be necessary to cover as much skin as possible with thick clothes and use insect repellents on exposed skin.

4. Falls

Perhaps that's the most common risk. Walking outdoors on rugged terrain, wet soil and steep slopes is the combination for a disaster. Just a missed step might cause a fatal fall.

To prevent this situation it's necessary to wear proper shoes, be aware of particular terrain obstacles on the area you are hunting and count with a guide who may tell you the safest ways out on the bushes.

5. Athlete's foot

That's a real risk when you will be out for some days on wet conditions. If you are not able to keep your feet dry and warm, sooner or later you will suffer of athlete's foot. Such problem is due to bacterial grow inside a wet, dark shoe during long periods.

To avoid this problem try to have at least a couple of stockings and change them regularly, additionally try to keep your feet as dry as possible and use foot powder in order to keep your feet dry and health, otherwise, painful wounds may appear jeopardizing not only you hunting expedition success but also your own health.

The above are only a bunch of the risks you take when hunting, on a next post we will show some more about how to take care of your safety when you are out on the bushes.

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