Safety Considerations when Hunting using Firearms

Safety Considerations when Hunting using Firearms

Hunting is always a great experience but it could turn into tragedy because of imprudence or miss handling, especially regarding firearms manipulation.

On this regard, there are many Federal and State regulations to avoid accidental injuries among hunters, but despite all such regulations, if common sense is absent, it's just a matter of time before an accident occurs.

And when we talk about firearms accidents during hunting, we are talking about serious injuries and even death, so never ignore safety rules when manipulating firearms in order to keep you and your hunting fellas safe.

Most of the following recommendations are based on government regulations, some others are emerged se just from common sense while a group of them are lessons learned from third parties' experiences. Regardless the origin, all of them are valuable to keep you safe.

So, read carefully:

1. Complete you hunting safety course

It's mandatory but do it completely aware of its importance. It's not just a requisite to comply with, but an opportunity to learn or refresh knowledge which could save your life. So take te course seriously.

2. Never enter a vehicle with a loaded gun

It's dangerous and against the law on most of U.S. states, so be completely sure your weapon is unloaded before getting it on the car.

3. Aim only when you are going to shoot

That means you never must point with your gun anyone else, no matters if it's unloaded; a gun must be pointed only to a target. Following this basic rule you will never have to regret from an accidental shoot.
Be extremely aware about safety when hunting

4. Be sure what about what you are trying to shoot

If you are not sure if it's a game or a person, Don't shoot! It's better to lose a game than firing to another hunter. So be sure your target really is what it's supposed to be.

5. Put your gun into safety after each shoot

Especially when you hit your game, the moment excitement could lead to forget putting the safety. Later you could have an accidental shoot if you don't realize about this mistake.

6. If you don't shoot, put the safety back

Perhaps you are chasing a game and once you are ready to fire, it disappears in a blink. Immediately you begin to look around to find where it went but it's impossible. Meanwhile you forgot to put your gun on safety and resumed your walk putting yourself and your fellas on serious danger since your weapon is loaded, unlocked and ready to shoot.

7. If you are hunting for waterfowls in a blind, organize your shooting area

Each hunter on a blind must have an specific direction to shoot in order to avoid shooting over your partner's head! So clearly define when you must shoot when the flock arrives.

8. Be courteous

When shooting from inside a blind it's not a good idea to have multiples shoots like in a battlefield, so if your target is in range, give a signal to your partners to avoid simultaneous shoots.

9. Load your gun backwards people

Never load your gun facing your hunting partners, especially when cold. You could accidentally shoot your firearm because of numb fingers; so it's better to turn your back and load safely.

10. Unload your gun before giving it to someone else

If you are going to give your firearm to someone else, borrowed or just because a partner wish to give a look to your new gun, don't hesitate to unload it. This safety measure safe lives.

Once your gun is back on your hands, check again and be sure it's still unloaded and locked.

11. Don't forget your orange vest

It's a critical safety issue, even when many hunters don't like it. After all, it's the best option to avoid confusions and being shot.

12. During deer season, never use a white cap or handkerchief, neither white toilet paper.

From distance a hunter could confuse it with a deer white tail, especially if you forgot your orange vest. So avoid unnecessary risks.

If you hunt using your common sense and following all safety rules, your hunting trip will end happy and safe, otherwise, prepare to see tragedy face to face, sooner or later.

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