Scent killing begins prior to step on the woods

Scent killing begins prior to step on the woods

Looking on the internet you will see dozens of posts talking about the importance of scent killing when hunting, specially big game like deer or bears and certainly most of the published information about this topic is right, after all animals depends mostly on smeal to detect predators, so this should not be a surprise.

That's why you also will find tons of scent killing products advertisements, all of them claiming to be better than the other and with a long range of prices which fit almost every hunter's budget; evenmore, for those wishing to save money there are several homemade formulas working as good as commercial ones, if not better.

But scent killing is not only a matter of chemistry and sprays; it's about getting mix with the surroundings as much as possible and this begins days before stepping on the woods.

The aim is to have no smells that usually are not detected by animals on the area you are planning to hunt on; especially man made scents wich are never part of natural environment, so you must begin to kill scent at home some days before hunt.

On this regard it will necessary to avoid all artificial scents on your laundry and body care products, in fact is your clothes are a little dirt from previous scout it would be a good idea to use the as it instead of washing them, but if you washScent killing soap your clothes, be sure to use a odorless product.

Same applies for personal body products. Shampoo and soap must be odor free, deodorants with no fragrance are allowed but personal scents are prohibited, including hair gels, aftershave and even shaving foam.

The aim is to hit the bushes with your natural body odor, nothing else, that way it will be easier to blend on environment scents.

But it's not a matter of what products you use but also what you eat. Some feed have intense, persisting odors lasting for days; in fact some spiced feed can change your body odor because some of their odor molecules can reach your sweat, so avoiding such edibles is mandatory.

Onions, garlic and spices like curry must be avoided two or three days before the hunting trip.

On the other hand, cigarettes, cigars and alcohol must be avoided at least three days before hunting, if more, better. Alcohol and tobacco scent come exclusively from humans, so if you smoke, animals will detect you as a human menace and will leave the area.

Finally remember to avoid chemicals and solvents handling as well oil derivatives; all these scents are man manda and make no part of natural environments, so your game will detect your presence almost as soon as you step on the woods if you have been working with gasoline, kerosene or something like it the days before hunting.

The key is easy, if the smell is intense and may not be found naturally on nature, just avoid it.


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