Deer Hunting Essential Oils Cover Scents

Deer Hunting Essential Oils Cover Scents

Besides commercial cover scents there's plenty of natural formulas used to mask human odor when going out for deer hunting. Such formulas are homemade and go from simple grab a bunch of pine needles and squeeze their juice on the clothes up to more elaborated scents done infusing natural leaves on hot water or macerating them on alcohol.

All of them work good but when everything is about betting the power smell sense of a deer it's always good to be a step forward to gain an edge.

On this regard essential oils are the top of the top when masking odor, not only because of their deep smell but also because of the long standing effect not only on the clothes and gear but also on the environment. 

Essential oils are concentrated aromatic substances obtained from nature and processed to put on a single drop millions of smell molecules able to disperse and last for long periods on the surrounding Essential Oil Covert Scent Spraying on the Soles to hide hunter's trackareas.

Even when obtained from nature, essential oils are manmade substances which may be acquired on aromatherapy shops. The key is to choose an essential oil of plants and herbs located on the area we are planning to go hunting; this way the human odor will be masked by something deer are familiar with.

The best thing about essential oils is that formula preparation is easy; just put a couple of drops on an amber or coloured spray bottle and complete the volume using distiled water; after doing so, just spray the content on your clothes and gear and be ready to stalk those deer.

Don't hesitate to uses as much cover scent as you need but be aware that overuse will alert deer about your presence; they are accustomed not only to certain odors but also to their intensity, hence overuse of cover scent will be a warning for their sense of smell because the odor we are using is more intense than usual.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to use essential oils from local area vegetation such as pines or cedar; otherwise if we use apple essential oils on an area with no apple trees, deer will get suspicious and stay away from us; hence it's mandatory to be aware of the local trees and leaves before buying scents.

The most popular and common scents used when deer hunting are turpentine (a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from live trees, mainly pines), pine and cedar. On areas where apple trees are common it's feasible to use apple essential oils.

Apply the formula to your soles in order to mask your track, also put it on your clothes and gear but be aware that essential oils as well any other cover scent will just diminish human odor but not cover it at all, thus it will be a good idea not only to cover but also reduce your smell as you may learn on a next post.

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