Snake Proof Boots

Snake Proof Boots

No matter if you are hunting, scouting, or just hiking, there's a real risk to have an encounter with a snake when you are out in the bushes, especially in southern, warm states, during summertime or at the beginning of hunting season, before cold makes snake hide and stay away from bad weather.

No matter it's a venom or not-venom snake, these reptiles will bite any intruder on their territory if they feel attacked and don't have the chance to run away, thus while you are concentrated on your hunting or hiking activities, it's possible to involuntary invade a snake territory and being bitten.

Obviously, this is the worst-case scenario and most of times snakes will run away leaving behind just the sound of moving bushes, moreover, most hunters and hikers won't be aware a snake was there.

However, from time to time a snake does not have the chance to fly away and has no other choice than bitting. Probably that's the scariest hunting accident after an accidental shot but fortunately, due to modern medical treatments, there's a great chance to survive a snake bite but not without considerable pain and inconveniences.Snake Proof Boots

So, the best option is to prevent snake bites, then try to avoid to step on areas where snakes like to hide and try to be aware of snakes activities in the area you are hunting, keeping your feet away from snakes reach.

Unfortunately, it's easier to say it than to do it because when you are top concentrated chasing a game, all your senses are focused on a limited spot and everything out of it will remain unnoticed, increasing the odds of a snake accident.

To minimize this risk, a pair of snake proof boots is the best choice!

This type of garment is intended to be used in the woods protecting the user from incidental snake bites. A particular combination of soft fabric on the inner side, resistant materials on the outside, and a middle layer of puncture-proof, flexible material make it virtually impossible for snake fangs to reach user skin.

While the shield is flexible, the hunter won't feel like a middle-age soldier using a rigid armor, so movement won't be restricted and your feet and legs will be protected but still feeling comfortable.

Snake-proof boots use to be tall in order to protect all the area below your knees, the commonest biting region.

Their different cammo pattern allows you to blend your boots with the rest of your cammo garment giving you protection and stealth.

There are several brands and styles in the market, each one with its pros and cons but for sure, you will find the right product to keep you safe from such undesirable accident.

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