Solo Cottontail Hunting Tips. Part I

Solo Cottontail Hunting Tips. Part I

Once deer season has ended and you still wish to enjoy outdoors and hunting, it's timer for a little cottontail action. Even if you are not an specialist on it or if you think you are only a big game hunter, cottontail hunt is always very exciting, especially because you never know from were a rabbit will jump out, just in front of you.

Of course, those hunters specialized on rabbits usually have a hounds pack and know very good hunting grounds where they use to hunt, but even if you are not so organized and there's lack of some resources, the truth is that there's still an edge if you know a few tips for solo rabbits hunting.

The best of all if that you will be able to listen the silence, smell nature and have a rush of adrenaline on every step, particularly when you feel there's a rabbit there just waiting to jump out and run away, just to be shoot in a matter of seconds.

To enjoy such moment, full your bag with rabbits and have an edge despite the fact of being alone, just follow the next simple tips:

1. Search where no one else does

Hunters tend to have a pattern and usually tend to spot the same hunting grounds, however that doesn't mean all rabbits are on the same place, moreoverCotton Tail Solo Hunting these animals learn to identify pressure and change their habits as their territories as well in order to stay safe an away from hunters.

So looking for rabbits away from most of hunters search is a good idea. Scout on abandoned properties, junk parks and peripheral, abrupt terrains from where most of people prefer to stay away.

You will have a lot of surprises finding all those rabbits trying to stay away from hunters.

2. Learn to identify rabbits sings

It's hard to see such a small animal hiding behind the bushes, but if you know to identify signs of their presence, everything will be easier.

On this regard there are two major signs of rabbits: depositions and running trails.

Rabbits poop is easy to identify; it's just a small, round pellets pile with a dozen or more poop pieces. If you see one or more pile, examine it to know how fresh it is. The fresher the best, increasing your odds to find a rabbit.

On the other hand if you see a sort of trail among the bushes on a place where nobody walks, there's a good chance to find a rabbit. Cottontail open "speedways" from their resting places in order to have an open way to run out in case of danger.

So once you find such trails, follow them until you find signs of a burrow. Once done, it's just a matter of time to find your first cottontail.

3. Learn about what rabbits eat

Usually you will find rabbits near their burrows or their feeding places, so if you know what they like it will be easier to spot the right place.

Find out patches of greenbrier, blackberry, honeysuckle, sumac or plum as well corn fields, clover or soybeans, rabbits love all that food and you probably will find one of more if you spot the right place at the right time.

On this regard, going to a feeding area on the wrong moment will ruin your chances. That's why it's important to know about rabbits feeding habits and the most important thing here is timing. 

Rabbits tend to be more active at dawn and dusk, so make proper scout during the day and stalk those bunnies early in the morning and late afternoon. That way you'll increase your success chances.

If you follow the aforementioned tips your success rate will increase dramatically, however those are not the only tips to follow, stay connected and learn more about Solo Cottontail Hunting Tips by clicking here.


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