Some tips about camouflage when out hunting

Some tips about camouflage when out hunting

Compared with other animals, human beings senses are almost not developed, hence when we are out for hunting most of times our preys are aware of our presence sooner before we are able to see them, accordingly camouflage is necessary to shorten the gap and be able to catch the prey before our presence is noted.

On this regard camouflage is the keystone; after all since we are not able to increase our senses capabilities, at least we may try to cheat our prey keen senses.

But camouflage is not just about buying some green and gray pattern clothes, in fact, it's something very different, almost an art.

First thing to do when preparing camouflage is to know the color patterns of the area we are planning to hunt on; hence scouting it (if it's the first time there) at different hours will be valuable to determine the local color patterns with different light conditions and hence we will be able to buy the camouflage pattern clothes that best adapt to the area.Camouflage Clothes

Once the proper apparel has been set, it's necessary to consider weather conditions, hence we might need more than one clothes layer depending of temperature; thus it's mandatory to be sure that every single layer counts with proper camo; otherwise if we need to add/remove clothes extra layers, our pressense might be revealed as soon as we make the move.

On this regard snow must be kept in mind; especially on the mountains; then despite of the predominant colors on the area, a white camo suit is necessary to cover us in case of snow, otherwise our grey and green camo will be seen miles away against the white background.

Finally the makeup; don't be tempted to use it symmetrically. For your prey a symmetric pattern will be always suspicious since it's not the most common on nature; thus, use an uneven, aleatory pattern to cover your face and eventually your hands if you are not wearing gloves, that way your chances to have a catch will increase dramatically.

With these few tips you'll get an edge over the animals you are going to chase but don't feel excessive trusted; everything is about practice, thus it's necessary to go out there and try to defeat highly specialized, keen senses of our potential preys.

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