Some Tips for Still Hunting for Winter Whitetails

Some Tips for Still Hunting for Winter Whitetails

Most of people go out for deer during fall, but when it's not possible for you or when the regular season was not productive, it's time to move forward and try something different, in this case; still hunting during the late season, when conditions change, crowds are away and hunting strategies may be a little bit different, giving you a chance to shot down a deer.

Perhaps you must be thinking it's crazy to go out late season if you were not able to catch anything before, moreover, weather conditions as well hard terrain should make your life miserable instead of giving an edge, but if you follow the rules, things could work better than expected.

Of course it's not an easy task but once you have mastered on the art of still hunting, there's nothing more focusing than being out on the bushes, alone, trying to defeat a remarkable adversary; and doing so it's an indescribable feeling.

Probably the very first attempts might be frustrating but there's a couple of tips that will allow you to move forward to success faster: patience and concentration.

The key for still hunting is patience. Don't try to cover too much terrain fast, instead, Still Hunting Tipssearch for spots and deer signs, afterwards move slowly; a good approach is two steps forward and stay still for 30 seconds, meanwhile look for deer signs: an ear movement or a flashing tail; you must be focused on the environment because all you will have is a tiny signal of deer presence.

Obviously you won't cover too much terrain this way thus use such approach only when deer signs are present, otherwise move faster on open terrain but remember to keep the wind in your face as much as you can; if not possible, moving ahead keeping the wind diagonal to your face might also work fine, but remember to avoid as much as possible the wind on your back, otherwise deer will be aware of you much more before you can even think about their presence.

Once an area with deer signs is achieved it's time to make the move, slowly, very slowly; spot the area, look for something unusual, check covers and feeding areas and be ready to shoot quick; things may change in a matter of seconds, so be ready.

Snowy or rainy days are good allies since they will hide your presence, block your odor and mask your sounds, furthermore, it will be easier to track deer towards their covers and feeding areas. Follow all the tracks regardless they are old, the point it's not to catch a particular deer but to discover a good hunting spot; afterwards you will check for a particular animal but remember to take with you a good pair of binoculars, a tool almost more important than your rifle when still hunting.

When out in the bushes always look for water, deer will be near for sure, don't hesitate to get lost, in fact it's the only way to be successfull when still hunting, otherwise if you are thinking about where you are, your focus will be out of the hunting, thus set you GPS to track you back home when done and let get lost on the bushes, totally connected with the environment and focused with every tiny signal on an almost zen attitude.

Finally remember to stand by always aside a tree when not moving, this way you will be masked with the environment making deer harder to find you, in addition you will have a rest in case of an offhands shoot.

At the end, everything is a matter of patience and focus, don't get distracted even a second and you will see results for sure, and the better thing is that you will get in love with still hunting!

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