Early Season Squirrel Hunting Tips

Early Season Squirrel Hunting Tips

Even when big games such as deer and turkeys are the most appreciated catches, small game such as squirrels give hunters the necessary skills to have success out at the bushes; and that's exactly why many young hunters begin their training with squirrel hunting.

But their small size should not bluff you! These animals are extremely agile and have an extraordinary sight sense which makes them to be aware of danger several feet away, in addition their hearing sense is also very keen, thus they will react fast with the minor sign of danger.

Different from urban area squirrels, those living at the bushes are not accustomed to human beings, thus they will hide as soon as human presence is detected, at the end of the day squirrels are always careful from predators and human beings are one more of them.

At this point it results clear that chasing squirrels is not such an easy task, however being a little clever, results will be great, at least once the mastery of squirrel hunting is achieved.Squirrel Hunting

First thing to note is that squirrels habits differ from early to late season. At the beginning of the season the use to be high on the trees jumping from one branch to another; hence it's necessary to locate an area with many signs of squirrels activity such as gnawed nut hulls.

Usually squirrels are near big trees such as hickories and oaks, so looking for those trees and keep stalking near them it's a good strategy.

Remember to get near quietly because even the most tiny sound will alert squirrels and they will disappear as a flash and you won't be able to see them in more than two hours.

Once you have reached the proper place, it's time to wait. Remain still and almost without moving, scanning the upper branches of the trees for your game. Even when it's difficult to locate squirrels through the dense bushes, at the end patience pays back.

At this point of the season, considering that squirrels are far and high on the trees, a a fully-choked shotgun with a load of No. 5 or No.6 shot will be necessary to reach your target.

If you miss your shot, reload quickly and wait; many times squirrels resume their activities as fast as 5 minutes after the shot; but if you move they will disappear for hours.

Certainly squirrel hunting is not easy, especially at the beginning of the season, but with practice and many patience it's possible to have success.

But if you prefer to go out for squirrels later on the season, just wait the next post.

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