Take advantage of rain for deer hunting

Take advantage of rain for deer hunting

Yes, waiting in the middle of a rainy day waiting for a deer might suck! But it's also a great chance that many hunters let go.

Obviously, everyone would like to hunt in the best possible weather conditions but in nature, who dares, wins, and getting some wet to increase your odds of catching a big buck is worth it.

In fact, you may take advantage of a rainy day in many ways the other hunters miss out.

First of all, the rain increases daylight deer's movement and that's something you may take advantage of.

Deer love to be active and will stay down only during severe weather conditions like downpouring rain or strong winds, basically because such conditions blind their senses and, being so cautious, they won't move when it's impossible to see and hear potential predators, especially hunters.

But as soon as the rain stops or diminishes enough to allow deer to have good feedback from the surroundings, they will start to move immediately, moreover, deer tend to be less cautious during and after the rain.

Perhaps because of wet leaves on the floor attenuating the sounds or because the wind takes away many scents, deer seem to be more prone to move beyond their usual trails and stop less to have an overview of the surroundings, something you

Whitetail hunting under the rain

may use in your favor.

On the other hand, many hunters will prefer to stay home rather than endure adverse weather conditions, and with fewer hunters pressure, more likely to find a big buck just for you, after all, there are not too many people around there willing to stay under the rain all day long waiting for a one in a lifetime shot.

So, if you are the one who will wait for that chance, just get prepared in advance, after all the weather is unpredictable and you must be ready to go out for that deer regardless of weather conditions.

To do so you need a properly rain garment as well as a waterproof blind, get sure to pack something to keep you warm and as dry as possible, additionally pack some snacks and enough water, remember that it might take all day long for just an opportunity.

Keep your eyes wide open, during rainy days the sounds may be attenuated and a big chance may show on from nowhere, so get ready to catch it, especially when the rain subsides.

Once you have got the chance and a big game is down, remember that tracking under the rain is not an easy task because the water will wash out every blood trail, so take your time to get sure that deer will fall just after being shot or, at least, it's not able to move too far.

As with everything in life, it's possible to take advantage of a disadvantageous situation if you are prepared for it!

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