Take the Best of your GPS when Hunting

Take the Best of your GPS when Hunting

Let's be honest, there's a romantic view of a hunter with a map and a compass navigating through the woods to find the best place to spot a game; but actually that's more a vivid memory than a reality.

Even when that was reality less than 20 years ago, nowadays most of hunters are equipped with last generation, satellital localization devices (GPS) allowing them high precision scouting and navigation whichever they are.

But GPS are more than just a virtual, real time map! They provide a wide range of functions which make hunting easier, not because you will find games faster but because you will be more time hunting and less navigating.

Perhaps that's the main capability of GPS for hunting, but not the unique one.

GPS devices keep a registry of your tracks, then by studying these tracks later after hunting, you are able to identify which one was more profitable and store it on your device. This way next time you are out for hunt it will be easier to find theHunting GPS best and more profitable routes.

The best thing is that season after season you may add new routes, this way in a relatively short period your database about the routes working best for you will be amazing.

Furthermore, you may store your best spot areas coordinates!

Every hunter has its secret places where a catch is almost guaranteed. Such spots arise from years of experience visiting different places along the season, and the best spot areas are harvested with time. 

But things can change year after year and the landscape or routes may be dramatically different, making hard to find such treasure places. With the GPS things get easier because you only need to store your favorite spot areas coordinates on the database and the GPS will lead you then, no matter how much the route changed!

It's simply amazing but it does not end here!

Hunting GPS may guide you through the field indicating where public lands end and private begins! This way non intentional enters on private land are avoided, such as problems derived from it.

With the proper software your GPS unit will highlight public lands on a color and private ones with a different tone, this way you will be aware of where you are hunting all the time.

Finally, some GPS handsets count with a hunting database indicating not only position but also altitude and predominant wind blowing direction. The last is critical to decide where to place a stand or blind properly because you will have accurate information about wind.

It results clear that GPS is much more than simply a map or navigation system; it's a valuable tool for hunters which may save a lot of work and allows hunters to concentrate on what they really need: to find and catch a game!

Just remember to have enough replacement batteries to stay on the game!


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