Taking advantage of weather conditions to hunt ducks

Taking advantage of weather conditions to hunt ducks

Late season duck hunting may be a challenge because of weather conditions but also a great opportunity if you know how to take advantage of elements.

During late duck season when weather conditions turn harder, pressure over duck decreases because there are less hunters chasing them, however this doesn't imply ducks will lower their guard, but you still have some tricks to take advantage of late season weather conditions.

Knowing how ducks reacts and what they look for during winter days will give you more than an edge, in fact you probably will have the biggest duck harvest ever!

Of course you will need to face windy, freezing conditions but if you set up everything properly, the effort will render great results.

Just keep in mind how ducks react on different weather conditions, set your decoys accordingly and wait still, in less time what you think ducks will be coming up to you, especially when one or more of the following occurs:

1. Windy days

Wind is not a big issue for ducks but when it blows strong the birds will look forLate season duck hunting shelter and any place with calm water will attract immediately. To take profit of a windy day the key is to set up your decoys properly on a lake side spot with calm water. It won't be necessary to set a lot, just  a dozen will be enough to show bird the wind is not blowing down there and they will come.

2. Ice

For those birds who are still around when coldest temperatures arrive, to find an open water spot on frozen lakes is vital for survival. When ice comes the only thing you need is to see where ducks are landing, probably it will near an open water spot on the center of the lake.

Once you have identified where there's open water, fin a good place to shoot from and be prepared to the biggest duck harvest ever, after all there are not too many places to hide on for ducks when everything is frozen.

3. Fog

The winner combination is fog, good camo and remain still, just breathing and being ready to shoot when ducks arrive.

When there's fog ducks are extremely cautelous and even the tiniest sound will make them fly away, thus instead of calls and signs, when there's fog you only need to deploy decoys on a calm water area and set up you shooting blind nearby, it won't take longer to see the birds landing near decoys.

Afterwards, just make the best shot you can because birds might enter and leave as fast than you won't be able to shoot if you are not ready.

As you see, fighting elements will be a challenge but it pays good enough to render the effort valuable, so are you ready to face windy, foggy days to collect more ducks than ever?

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