The Art of Setting a Ground Blind

The Art of Setting a Ground Blind

Properly set a ground blind may be the difference between a great success and a total fail and experienced hunters know it, thus they take their time to scout the area, identify best spots and set their ground blind properly.

For a rookie hunter it could seem a time waste to spend several days scouting the area and deciding where to set the blind, after all you wish to go behind the big game! But experienced hunters are aware of the importance of being on the right place at the right time to catch a big trophy, and for that blinds are crucial.

Even when it's not an absolute science; experience allows to learn some critical lessons that will be crucial when setting a ground blind, rendering it an art which may be improved only with practice, once and once again, hunting season after hunting season.

Here you'll find some useful tips to help you to learn faster about the art of setting a ground blind for deer hunting.White Tail Hunting Ground Blind

Hide your blind properly or don't hide it at all!

If you wish to hide your blind, just be sure it's invisible! It's not about to add some tree branches and leaves around, you need to fuse it with the surrounding area making the blind virtually invisible. If you are not willing to do it, perhaps it would be better to set the blind on an area where deer can see it from 100 yards, this way they will get familiar with the blind presence and won't get suspicious later when you are inside.

Set the blind in advance

Especially if you choose to use a visible blind, setting it in advance on an area where deer pass regularly will render the blind part of their daily routine. First time they will avoid it, but no matters, that's the aim! Later they will be passing once and once again realizing there's no danger with that "new thing" on their territory. At the end bucks and does will feel comfortable near your blind, and that's your edge!

Use a couple of decoys to distract their attention

As you know deer will be aware of every tiny change on their environment and no matters how long your blind has been there, once you are inside, deer will be able to detect your presence, thus use something to distract them!

A couple of decoys on your blind area but far from your position will attract deer attention away from you, in addition they will become curious and will check what's going on. If you have set up the decoys properly on your shooting range, it will be a nice, easy shoot!

Finally don't give deer an option; try to set your blind area where there's something the animals will need as a water supply. If you are successful to identify critical food and water supplies on your pre-season scouting, then you will be able to set your blind on an area where deer will be for sure, in such case you won't go behind deer but will be waiting them to get towards you!

Now you have the basics, it's time to go into the bushed and set your ground blind, remember than only practice drives to mastery.

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