The best time for quail hunting

The best time for quail hunting

Quail hunting is practically a national pastime and birds are out there almost all year long, especially on central and southeastern U.S. states, the key for success it to know the best time to go out for them.

No matter if you are a casual hunter or a very specialized one, if you hunt on the proper site at the best moment, success is guaranteed.

So, first thing to know is what areas quails prefer and at what time of the day they will be there. In addition, knowing how weather conditions affect  quails behavior will give you and edge over other hunters at the time to choose when to go out for quails.

Let's see some tips which will be valuable for you when choosing when to hunt quails:

1. Fall is the queen season

Regardless the fact quails are out there all year long, late season hunting at fall is the best time to hunt this tiny birds. 

The combination of active feeding in preparation for winter and less exuberant vegetation will allow to find them easier, increasing your catch numbers.

2. Look for the best environment

Quails will be in open land when feeding, so take your binoculars and spot open land when birds are out for lunch. It's better to sit still waiting them to get close to you instead of walk around because they might get scared and fly away.Quail Hunting

But if you look them when bedding, them it's better to take a closer look on grassy areas where they feel safer and may have a better sleep. That's the best place to look on after dusk, but it will be harder to find sleeping birds because of the lack of movement.

During the hottest hours of the day, instead of open land, take a look under the trees. Quails will prefer to find some shadow to stay away of hot sun instead of feeding in open lands without any cover just in the middle of the day.

3. Rain is your ally

After a rainfall there's plenty of insects and worms to eat, and that's quails preferred meal. So when it begins to rain it's time to go out and sit to wait until rain ceases. Shortly afterwards birds will show on the field looking for tons of tasty worms to eat.

But don't be silly and move fast! Quails won't be out there for too long, then the best time is just after rains ceases. Perhaps you will have to stand for a while under the rain, but it will pay!

4. Avoid windy days

Probably going out for quails during a windy day is a waste of time. Birds prefer to stay safe and away of open fields during windy conditions, so you won't find them where they use to be.

On the other hand, find tiny birds will be challenging because of moving grass due to wind. Under these conditions you won't be able to note quails movement because grass is moving anyway, regardless a quail moves or not.

5. Use your clock to hunt

The right hour means the best chances for success, so standing on a great position at the right time is a guarantee of success, but if you choose the wrong time for quail hunting you might end disappointed.

So, at dawn and dusk and spot wide open areas where birds will be feeding. The time frame is around one hour before they fly away from there. 

When the sun get higher and temperature raises, look for quails on shady areas, below the trees, there will be better chances to find them away from hot sunlight.

If you accept the challenge of quail night hunting, them it's better to take a closer look to grassy areas where birds will pass the night mostly sleeping and almost without any other activity.

The key here is to know your environment and quail behaviours. By doing so, half the work will be completed!

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