The Excitement of Quail Hunting

The Excitement of Quail Hunting

Go out for hunting is always an incredible experience full of adrenaline, landscapes and technique; it's also a time to expend some time on the nature and when we are out there with friends, it's also a great time to share with them.

Even when always adrenaline will flow, bigger the challenge bigger the emotion, and there's no many hunting experiences more exciting than quail hunting.

Despite of being easy to identify and locate the birds, quail hunting is not an easy task; these little, noisy birds are fast flyers and react in a second fraction when disturbed, demanding from hunters a refined technique, quite good reflexes and even better aim, otherwise these tiny birds will fool the hunter once and once again.

Quails tend to be grouped on big coveys, tightly close one to another on the bushes or the ground and once the hunter has located the birds it's just mater to make the covey flush, choose and individual bird, aim and shoot, all of these in a matter of seconds!Quails Hunting

And that's because quails hunting is so exciting!

However it's easier to describe the technique than perform it because the high speed of quails flying and their small size make of the birds a very hard target to get.

In order to facilitate aiming, it's usefull to have help from a couple of dogs who will be in charge to flush the covey, allowing the hunter to focus on one bird and shot it.

Once the bird has been hit, dogs will be especially useful to retrieve the catch because some times due to their size and a difficult terrain is very difficult to locate the catch just by sight and dogs sense of smell will guide them to the hitten bird easily.

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