Things to keep in mind during Coyote Hunting

Things to keep in mind during Coyote Hunting

Coyote hunting is a demanding task. To catch an elusive, keen sensed predator like a Coyote is not about muscles but brains; in fact to hunt Coyotes it's necessary to count not only with the required equipment but also knowledge. 

On a very sophisticated hide-and-seek game, Coyote hunting success depends greatly of how and when you perform certain tasks and missing a tiny detail will lead to failure instantly.

So if you wish to become a successful Coyote hunting just keep in mind the following tips when you are out in nature trying to overcome a highly specialized, elusive predator.

First thing to do is find an area with signs of Coyotes activity, otherwise you might be chasing a Coyote where there are no Coyotes! Scouting is crucial for success,Coyote Hunting Tips however it's mandatory to look for fresh tracks, otherwise you might be chasing a Coyote who's not longer around.

Remember that a Coyotes territory is large, so finding fresh tracks is just the beginning, afterwards you will need to attract these dogs towards you instead of finding them.

To do so proper calling is vital. Coyotes are elusive and distrustful, so they won't pop out from their cover just because of a few calls; furthermore, if calling does not seem natural or looks suspicious, Coyotes will leave the area and you will never know they were around.

Then it's necessary to know how frequently, loud and intense you will call depending of the area you are hunting on. 

Only after a patient and sometimes long waiting time you will be rewarded with a Coyote coming out from its cover.

But the fact that a Coyote goes out from its cover does not necessary means it will be on range!

Coyotes are very cautious and will screen the whole territory with their keen sight before moving, so if you don't cover your position good enough Coyotes will see you much before you are able to see them and of course they will leave the area without being detected.

This is especially true for pressured dogs living on popular hunting areas. These animals will be more elusive than usual and will avoid contact with humans at all cost, so even the most insignificant sign or smell will be enough to alert a pressured Coyote about your presence. 

The key for success is to know Coyotes habits and territory in order to set up a smart strategy to give your odds, however you'll need a lot of patience, confidence and a small amount of luck to succeed, but if you work hard enough the effort will pay sooner or later.


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