Tips for alligators hunting

Tips for alligators hunting

Hunting an alligator is something very different of what hunters normally do. Halfway between fishing and dogfight, hunting a gator success is more related to proper technique and equipment than brute force; in fact, firearms are used rarely when going behind gators.

So, if you have never hunted an alligator before, first thing to do is hiring an experienced guide to support you, otherwise there's a real risk not only of severe injuries, but dead.

Guides usually have all the equipment and apparels necessary for gators hunting, however you might like to have your own gadgets, if so, ask them where and what buy.

Once you have received proper training on basics about safety when hunting gators, it's time to find one; usually by night and using a boat.

Gators' eyes glow red in the dark of the night, so you will be spotting water surface with a spot light trying to locate gators. Once you find one - something that could take several hours, depending of the area where you are hunting - it's time to attract this big predator towards you because if you get near to the animal on yourself, it will simply disappear beneath the water and you won't see itAlligator hunting anymore.

So, once the gator is located it's time to use lures and hooks; it's like fishing but more complex since you won't be able to raise a big alligator using only a hook, furthermore, you don't wish to do it because it's very dangerous and you could be ending as the game.

The hook is to set only a temporary line that allows you to get closer without losing the gator since it won't be possible to it to dive; so you'll have the chance to get closer with your boat and proceed with your main weapon; not a gun but a harpoon.

A harpoon with a strong restraining line will be your main weapon to catch a gator, especially those over 6 feet, so get ready to harpoon the animal on the soft tissue, avoiding the back shield.

Once the restraining line is set with the harpoon, it's time to fight the alligator in order to exhaust it and be able to do the final hit. After some time, gator will begin to lose strength and will be possible for you to put your boat aside your game boyd in order to use the bangstick.

Using a bangstick is safer and easier than a handgun, so be sure to have one on your boat. The bangstick must be shooted just behing the head, that will be kill the gator for sure, but be extremely cautious, because it still could be alive. Don't shoot on the head! Because you will end covered by bones and blood.

Before raising a gator to the boat, tape its mouth, that way you will be safe in case it gets back to life. Once on the boat, be sure to cut its spine  with a sharp, long knife (your guide will help you with the proper technique); only then the animal will be definitely dead.

Fighting a gator is exhausting and physical demanding but also exciting, so be prepared for a titanic fight with a formidable game, be sure to count with all the required apparels and follow your guide's instructions and advice all the time in order to keep you and your fellow hunters safe.


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