Tips to Bait Bears

Tips to Bait Bears

Bear hunting is always a big challenge even if you bait bears, there are too many details to keep in mind to succeed; in fact bear bait is not just leaving some food around there and wait until a bear appears! Instead it's a matter of know how, where and when lure bears to achieve great success rates.

First thing to consider is if bears bait is legal on the area where you are planning to hunt. In many Canada provinces as well U.S. states baiting bears is legal, but not in all of them; furthermore, different counties on the same state may have different regulations, so be sure to get accurate information regarding baiting before proceeding, otherwise you could get involved on law infringement with all its negative consequences.

Keep in mind that some states require a different, special permission to bait bears, thus a regular hunting license will not be enough on such cases. Be sure to count with proper documentations as per local laws.

Once you have set up all the paperwork, it's time to lure a big black bear. The following tips will increase your success odds and will facilitate your task:Bear baiting

1. Scouting is vital to choose a proper area to set the bait

As in any other hunting activity, information is the key. You won't win nothing leaving bait on the first place you find, instead preliminary scouting will allow to find areas plenty of bears activity as well feeding areas and trails.

Once you have identified the places with the highest level of bear activity, it's time to proceed with the bait set up.

2. Choose the bait location properly

No matter if you find a place plenty of bear activity signs, if you don't set bait on the proper location all your scouting hard work will be lost.

Be sure to locate bait on an area open enough to allow bears (and other animals) to find it, but with enough cover to hide your blind or stand. If the bait is placed on a place populated with many branches and vegetation you probably won't have a clear shot when the time comes.

On the other hand, a very open area will let you exposed and probably bears won't get close because they will detect your presence.

3. Scent is all

Even when bears are omnivorous and will look for all type of food, especially during spring when their hibernation ends, certains scents have a greater attracting power than other.

On this regard pungent scents such as fish, vanilla extract and anise are among the most effective lures.

Of course such scents must be combined with enough food to attract bears to the bait site constantly.

4. Patience pays

When you have choosen the proper site, set up bait as well the treestand or blind, it's time to wait. Perhaps bears will find your baiting area from the very first day, but you don't wish to shot the first bear showing his face, but the biggest one!

To do so perhaps you will need to wait a little bit. Set up a couple of trail cameras and check them daily to evaluate not only the presence of bears near the bait area but also the hour when the biggest prefer to feed.

By doing this you will be ready to shot the best trophy at the right time! Check your cameras daily and spend some hours a day on your blind checking what's going on out there.

When the time comes, you will be there to make that single, successful shot that will bring home the biggest black bear ever.

Certainly it's not the easiest task, but all that hard work pays. Are you ready to start luring bears?



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