Tips to conceal your ground blind

Tips to conceal your ground blind

Ground blinds are a great way to stay of sight, moreover they provide some cover against elements and allow longer and more successful hunt but if you don't conceal your ground blind properly, all potential games will spot you before you are able to see them, leading to a catastrophic fail.

Some people might think the camouflage on the blind is enough to hide it from game sight; completely wrong! 

Even when camo pattern may help to blend your blind with surroundings, truth is that its shape will pop like a reflector if it's not properly placed and concealed.

Animals tend to see not only solid objects but shapes and certainly a blind shape is not something normal in nature, so whichever potential game will stay as far as possible from that extrange, non natural shape.

With the above in mind it results clear that camo is not enough, instead a little more effort must be put on in order to blend your blind with environment and render it almost invisible.Ground blind concealing

First thing to is choose a proper place. NEVER place your blind on an open land or in the middle of a trail! 

Instead try to spot a high terrain from where trails, water or open land is properly seen, if you find a place like it you will have an edge.

Despite of terrain level, try to locate the blind on natural ground depressions, by doing so it will blend better with the hill shape from below. If not possible, natural covers like fallen trunks, high grass or even big rocks will be good elements to hide the blind among natural elements in the area.

Once located and properly hidden with big elements it's time for tiny details which make the difference.

Put brushes, branches and all kind of foliage over the blind top  as well aside lateral panels, use plants on the area and try to copy the pattern leaves and branches have on the surroundings; moreover, place your blind and cover it weeks or months in advance and let nature do the rest.

By leaving you blind on the field for a long period of time brushes will fall natura from trees, covering the blind with a thick layer of vegetal material in a relative short time.

In addition blind fabrics will lose their scent and will absorb natural odors, making more difficult their detection, moreover animals on the area will habituate to this new "thing" in their territory (if they get aware of it) and will ignore it later when hunting season begins, after all it's nothing new and there will not be reason to stay away of it.

Finally, when action begins remember to use camo even inside the blind, stay quiet and still and open only necessary windows. The more windows you open, more the chances to be detected.

A good combination of covering, camo, planning and concealing will lead great results and your success will be remarkable.

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