Tips to Hunt from a Tree Stand

Tips to Hunt from a Tree Stand

Hunting from a tree stand may be the best choice for many enthusiasts, especially those beyond deer or some other big game with known behavior patterns, thus, after detecting a trail on your scouting, it's possible to choose the best place to set a tree stand and once the season begins, just wait for your prize coming to you.

It seems pretty simple, moreover, you will be safer away from predators and with a privileged sight of the surroundings but don't forget about the risks!

Certainly, hunting from a tree stand has several advantages but there's a dark side too!

The first thing is to deal with the weather, especially during cold days. When you hunt walking it's easier to keep your body warm, but getting sit in a tree stand for hours, exposed to rain, wind, and even snow may turn your life miserable while you wait for a deer shows up, so you need to be ready to deal with this conditions.

On the other hand, it's not the same to shoot from the ground level as from an elevated position. At first sight, it might be easier, but there's also an art to

succeed, next you will find some tips to increase your chances of firing from a tree stand:

Use a gun rest. This will help to stabilize your gun and make it easier to aim.

Avoid shooting downhill. This can make it difficult to control the recoil and the bullet may travel further than you intended.

Be aware of the wind. The wind can affect the trajectory of the bullet, so make sure to adjust your aim accordingly.

If you miss your target, wait a few minutes before firing again. This will give the animal a chance to move away from the area.

Never shoot at an animal that is running away from you. This is a dangerous shot and you are more likely to miss.

Following the aforementioned you will have a better chance to succeed but, as usual, safety first! And hunting from a tree stand is a dangerous activity, so keep the following in mind next time you climb for your hunting:

Always wear a full-body safety harness when hunting from a tree stand. This will help to prevent you from falling if you lose your balance or the stand collapses.

Make sure your tree stand is properly anchored. Check the straps and bolts regularly to make sure they are not loose.

Never climb a tree stand with a loaded firearm. Always load your gun once you are in the stand and ready to shoot.

Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to shoot. This includes the ground, other hunters, and yourself.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. This includes other hunters, animals, and potential hazards such as low-hanging branches.

Take your time when aiming and firing your gun. Don't rush and make sure you have a clear shot.

After you shoot, make sure to clear your gun and unload it. Then, climb down from the tree stand and retrieve your game.

Of course, there's much more than these tips to master the art of tree stand hunting, but following these directions and getting experienced, with the time you will learn all the needed to become a master!

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