Tips to keep in mind during quail hunting

Tips to keep in mind during quail hunting

As any other hunting, quails have their own challenges if you wish a bag full of birds and even when you can hit a few ones, following these tips will give you an edge and will be easier for you to increase your success rate during quail hunting.

So, pay attention and combine the following tips with your own experience to become a master quail hunting.

1. Dogs are your best hunting partners

A dog will be able to identify quail much before you even notice them, moreover a dog or two will guide you towards quails and will be ready to make the flock flight on your signal, making much easier to focus on shooting them.

2. Hunt on open, wildland

Quails love seeds and weeds on open, wild lands, instead of farming soils, so be sure to search quails on open lands away from human activities; that way yourQuails Hunting success rate will be double.

3. Be aware of quails routines

You won't earn nothing if you are out when the birds are away from the area you are planning to hunt in, so doing a little pre-season scouting to be aware of quails routines will be useful to determine the best hour of the day to go for them.

4. Use a shotgun

A 12 gauge, 26 inches barrel is the best choice to hunt quails. Biggest calibers will destroy the birds while birds are able to survive smaller calibers, so they might fall down from the sky only to recover and fly away in a blink.

5. Wet is better than dry

Rainy days and wet soils are the best choice to go out for quails because these birds love to feed on this weather conditions.

Of course the terrain will be harder as well as overall hunting conditions, however the effort pays, so have a pair of high boots available when you decide to hunt quails.

6. Get familiar with your hunting ground

Once again, scouting is the best choice when you wish succeed. Same as with other games, knowing terrain, feeding as well nesting areas will give you and edge when hunting quails.

7. Never shoot low flying birds

Remember to NEVER shot below the horizon line! That's a basic safety rule to keep safe your dogs and your hunting fellows. Sometimes it's easy to forget about this basic rule on the rush of hunting leading to fatal results; so regardless of excitement and emotion, Don't Forget to keep firing high!

Following this simple tips you will see how the number of birds on your bag will increase drastically.

What else can you recommend to increase success rates when quail hunting?


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