Tips when hunting abroad

Tips when hunting abroad

Hunting lovers are always enthusiasts when out in the bushes, and even when homeland hunting is always a very exciting experience, to go hunting abroad could add a boost of adrenaline to the experience.

The fact of being on an unknown territory, chasing a new specie on a very different environment renders the hunting experience something out of this world; however in order to enjoy our hunting trip abroad, it's mandatory to keep in mind some tips that will be useful to avoid problems.

1. Travel on the right season

Every country has its own hunting season for different species and sometimes hunting a particular animal is never allowed because of local protection regulation, hence be sure to travel when the hunting season if open for a particular game, otherwise it won't be a hunting trip but only a tourism one.

2. Be aware of local regulations

Each country has its own rules and infringement could lead to serious legal problems and even jail, thus if you are planning to hunt abroad, get familiar with local regulations in order to stay on the law side.

3. Get extra protection

Even if you are an experienced hunter on your homeland, hunting abroad may imply different challenges, especially on tropical countries, hence extra protection is mandatory, from simple sun screens up to specific vaccines depending of your destination.Hunting Abroad Tips

4. Hire a reliable, bilingual local guide

Remember, you are not at home and it's easy to get in troubles without proper guidance, especially if you don't speak local language; thus a good, reliable, bilingual, local guide may be the difference between a wonderfull hunting trip or a disastrous one.

5. Stay alert about local fire weapons regulations

Probably you won't be able to take your weapons with you due to airlines and airports restrictions, hence you'll need to find a gun on your destination. Obviously to buy one probably won't be an option due to local restrictions and you'll need to contact a hunting club or something like that to rent the guns, buy the ammo and hire a guide.

6. Avoid high risk destinations

Even when hunting a particular game on a given country might be an amazing experience, travelling to some areas results too dangerous due to political problems, war situations or any other issue. If a country if a high risk one, just avoid to travel there.

7. Respect species in danger

No matters if local regulations are not tight or if it's allowed to hunt a particular animal, if a specie is in danger, be responsible and don't even think to hunt it; after all hunters are also nature lovers and must be committed with conservation.

With all the above in mind, you will ready to set everything and be ready to enjoy a wonderful hunting trip. Don't forget to take many pictures!

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