Trapping Gear Essentials

Trapping Gear Essentials

Same as firearms and bow hunting, trapping requires a basic equipment intended to make the task easier and provide the hunter with all the required apparel to accomplish the task.

Regarding trap hunting apparels and personal equipment tend to be a little bid different from those for firearms and bow hunting, moreover, the wide variety of lures, traps and all kind of gadgets may turn the beginner's life a little complicated since enough experience is achieved.

First thing to know are differences between water and land traps, each one intended to catch a particular specie. When going out shopping there's plenty of models and options, being sometimes difficult to decide which is the best choice.

A good way to find out the best equipment is to get documented on the internet, with book and all available kind of manual but perhaps the best way is to attend your local trap association anual meeting; there you'll have the chance to share experiences with veteran trappers and learn from their own knowledge.

Attending such meetings is also a great way to interact with more experienced people, make questions and be part clarify doubts, furthermore, you'll see what experts at the demonstrations.

Of course you won't get an expert overnight but with practice, study and sharing of experience, your skills will render you a master soon.Properly set of a trap

Once the first step (knowledge) is achieved, it's time to get the basic apparel and even when unbelievable, first thing you need is a good pair of rubber boots.

No matter if you are going behind foxes, minks, muskrats or raccoon neither if you are setting traps on water or land, a good pair of rubber boots is mandatory to keep you safe and comfortable.

Unlike big game hunters, hiking, highly insulated boots are not necessary because you rarely will expend the night outside or will scout for days; instead you will be working on very wet terrain, thus keeping your feet and legs dry is a priority.

Now your feet are protected, it's time to think how to attract animals towards your traps and on this regards lures are essential.

Lures will attract the attention of the animals leading them to get closer to the lure in order to investigate, thus a trap located on the access way will do the job. On the other hand natural or artificial smell substances from the animal you are trying to hunt will be usefull since each animal on the area will come to investigate what's going on, especially when you are behind territorial species who will try to take out any enemy.

Regarding smell substances naturals are the best but when not available, there's many options on the market, on the other hand, when choosing lures don't hesitate to expend some extra dollars on those from reputed manufacturers because they will increase your success chances.

When lures and smell substances are properly placed, it's time to choose the best trap; there are many models and sizes and the best choice will depend upon your experience and knowledge about the animal you are stalking.

To complete the gear, when out you will need a good quality pack basket, a simple but essential piece of equipment which allow you to carry on lures, traps and catches without compromise your hands which will be free to do the job. Your pack basket is your office out on the woods.

Finally, don't remember to take with you some digging tools and disposable stakes, both of them will be very helpfull when setting traps.

Are we forgeting any thing? ... YES! The next thing you need is experience but that's only possible hitting the woods, so let's begin!

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