Tricks to be undetectable when duck hunting

Tricks to be undetectable when duck hunting

Perhaps you are doing everything you know to stay away from ducks sight when hunting but that's from your point of view!

If you really wish to be undetectable when duck hunting you must try to see the world as a duck does, otherwise you will be beat more than once by the birds keen sight and self environment sense, especially on public, high hunting pressure, lands.

Hence, if you wish to increase your odds to have success, keep in mind the following:

Think about the 3rd dimension: When setting a blind, most of hunters make great efforts to be undetectable from ground level but they forget that ducks fly! Hence from the air your blind will be seen as a giant spot to stay away of; thus change your strategy and don't focus exclusively on the front side on your blind instead, put some cover over your head and around the area where the cover is located, this way it will be harder to detect you from the sky.

Aside with a good 3rd dimension cover, don't forget about your canine partners! It's Duck Hunting Coveramazing how most of hunters make great efforts to stay away from ducks sight but their dogs remain out of the blind, uncovered at plain sight!

Of course many retrievers have a natural camo pattern helping them to get blend with the background but ducks have a keen sight and will be able to detect dogs many times, and where there are dogs, there are humans trying to shoot duck! Thus trying to keep your dog with you quietly on the blind, or using some camo vest especially designed for dogs will give you an edge.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ducks are really aware of how their environment is, that means they know what's water and what's land, hence if a new island pops suddenly any given morning, they will know that's something new, and something to stay away from since it's very suspicious; thus setting your cover on a boat perhaps it's not the best idea; especially on high pressure hunting areas, instead, try to hide all your floating material near the shore and move to a natural cover to set the blind, you will increase your odds for sure!

Regarding the above mentioned, an extreme but still very effective technique is to get wet. Even when it's hard to believe, if you are standing with water at your waist level and covered behind some reeds or flooded grass, you will be virtually undetectable for ducks and that's a good edge to take advantage of.

Finally, despite of everything previously said about setting decoys in front of you with the wind on your back, Avoid it! Since it will put you straight on the ducks visual field and any minor mistake will reveal your presence; instead, set the decoys on cross wind and shoot the ducks from the side while they moving right to left of your visual field or viceversa; try and you will see how your hunting success increases dramatically.

As it may seen, when you add a "duck point of view" to your hunting strategy, your odds increase more than you never thought.

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