Types of bows for hunting

Types of bows for hunting

When talking about bow hunting the main image coming to the mind of most of people is that of a native american shooting a recurve bow and even when that old fashioned way to bow hunting is still alive, nowadays there's high tech options which make the hunter's life easier.

Compound bows are on the top of the list because despite of being expensive, their modern design, light materials and remarkable performance make of it the ideal bow to hunt.

Compound bows requires less strength than traditional bows to achieve the same power; in addition they are more accurate since the user may focus on aiming instead of pulling the bow. Compound bows are light weighted and easy to use so most of beginners will start bow hunting with this kind of bow.

For a more experienced hunter, someone looking for a cheaper option or hunters who wish a bigger challenge, there's always the option of a traditional bow (longbow or recurve).

Cross bow hunting

This type of bow is the simplest and lightest, so it's very practical to carry one on the bushes, however their use requires more muscular power and to be accurate enough it's necessary a lot of practice.

Traditional bows are not the easiest way to bow hunting but once you shoot down a game using a longbow you probably won't wish to use any other bow because of the self rewarding.

Finally there's an ancient weapon which was totally overhauled with modern compound materials as well technology: the crossbow.

The engineering behind a crossbow is exactly the same behing the compound bow, but a compact design, light way and superior aiming capability have given to the crossbow a new life on modern time.

There are many models, some of them including a scope like those used on rifles, so accuracy is increased. 

Crossbows are very popular on many states now they are legal, and constitute a big piece of equipment for beginners.

Regarding the best choice, it's hard to find one since every hunter will find on a particular type of bow what he's looking for; so if you are a beginner, try to start with the simplest and scale up later until you find the bow which best fits your needs.

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