What color for my ghillie suit?

What color for my ghillie suit?

Even when it might seem obvious, choosing your ghillie suit color is not as simple as one might think, in fact it's necessary a lot of knowledge about the area where you are planning to hunt as well a little scouting in order to collect local species to blend with.

Furthermore, depending of the season you will need more than one suit in order to meet environment colors properly, thus each season you will need to hike around the hunting ground, collect some specimens of leaves, roots and tree crust to plan your suit color.

Once scout has been completed it's time to go to your local hunting or sports goods store in order to find what's available meeting your color requirements.

No matters the fabric, keep in mind you will need a color which blends with most of natural patterns as possible; on this regard remember to avoid colors not foundGhillie suit on nature as deep white or black; instead try with different tones of gray, brown and green.

A good option is to use three or more colors, that way it will be possible to achieve a more natural results, after all color distribution on the forest has a particular pattern instead of a solid tone and you need to be able to blend with it.

After fabric selection and color adjustments (sometimes using paints or any other kind of pigment) it will be necessary to go out and collect a few more vegetation specimens to include on your suit.

That way your look will be natural and the chances to keep stealth increase dramatically.

Try to avoid brilliant colors like red or purple even when you find a bunch of such color flowers on the area because unless you are planning to hide among such flowers, brilliant color will be like a spotlight ruining your camo.

Finally remember to scout on different hours along the day; colors may vary according to the hour and probably camo fitting good in the morning will be useless at dusk, so be sure about what color, tones and shadows are your best choice depending of the hour you are planning to hunt.

For long hunt expeditions where you'll spend most of the day stalking your game, go for colors fitting good between 9 am and 4 pm when light conditions tend to be stable, however this might vary from zone to zone and the only way to know it is scouting.

Now are you ready to wear your ghillie suit and go out for some action?

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