What type of arrow is used for wildboar hunting?

What type of arrow is used for wildboar hunting?

Wildboar hunting is certainly one of the most exciting experiences because of the nature of these animals.

Different from many others like deer, who will avoid contact with humans and will try to fly away as soon as they notice something suspicious, wild pigs will fight back, leaving the hunting to the next level, even more dangerous than predators hunting because wild pigs may attack in groups.

So, if you are an adrenaline addict, this is the right choice for you however, if the aforementioned is not enough (talking about wildboar hunting use firearms); it's possible to scale up one level, hunting wild pigs using a bow and an arrow!

Less killing energy, needing of a closer range, and the lack of a quick, secondary shot make this hunting modality an adrenaline boost for any hunter, and certainly something you would like to experience.

But, is it enough with regular bow and arrow equipment to take down a wildboar?

The answer is not. Since these are aggressive, fast, and almost armored animals because of their thick fat layer, special equipment is required to succeed, otherwise,

Arrows for wildboar hunting

you might harm the pig without killing it, rendering the creature a menace for your own safety, moreover, you might end up being the hunted!

Then, let's see the basics about arrows when we are intending to catch a wild pig.

By Head Type:

Broadhead arrows:

These arrows feature wide, sharp blades designed to inflict maximum internal damage. Common types include chisel, bodkin, and spear points. Choose materials like steel or high-carbon steel for better penetration.

Bodkin arrows:

These have slender, needle-like tips with minimal cutting surface. They excel at puncturing through tough hide and bone, making them ideal for reaching vital organs.

Barbed arrows:

These have backward-facing barbs on the head that prevent easy removal from the boar's flesh. This can cause additional internal bleeding and discourage the animal from running far after being hit.

By Shaft Material:

Carbon arrows: Lightweight and stiff, offering high penetration and minimal deflection. Ideal for powerful bows and long-range shots.

 Aluminum arrows: More affordable than carbon, though slightly heavier. They're durable and offer decent penetration for moderate draw weights.

Wood arrows: Traditional option, good for shorter ranges and lower draw weights. They can be heavier than other materials and more prone to bending or breaking.

Additional Considerations:

Arrow weight: Heavier arrows retain more momentum, impacting penetration, but they may require a stronger bow. Lighter arrows fly faster but may struggle to penetrate thick hide.

Fletching: Choose large, sturdy fletching feathers or vanes to stabilize the arrow in flight and ensure accurate targeting.

Nocks: Use strong nocks that can withstand the high draw weight and impact of shooting at boars.

Safety Note: Boar hunting is dangerous and requires responsible practices. Ensure you understand local hunting regulations and use appropriate safety gear. Always aim for ethically responsible, quick kills to minimize suffering.

Remember, the best type of arrow for boar hunting depends on various factors like bow draw weight, hunting distance, personal preference, and local regulations. Research and consult experienced boar hunters for the most suitable choice for your situation.

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