Where and when hunt rabbits in U.S.

Where and when hunt rabbits in U.S.

Rabbits and hares are a popular game among hunters because they are relatively easy to find, bag limits tend to be high and there's no need to carry on heavy equipment as that required for bigger games.

On the other hand, rabbits are a good source of proteins and their meat is very tasty, so many hunters are behind them not only because of sport, but also because they love rabbit meat.

Despite of being a very prolific species, rabbits and hares may be endangered animals on certain areas, thus in order to protect them and keep their population stable, there are specific regulations to rule rabbits and hares hunting, especially regarding season and bag limit; however hunting dates as well bag vary state from state and season to season, then if you are interested on rabbit hunting is better to check the local Department of Fish and Game to have updated information; however below you'll find a general guide, just to give an idea of states where rabbits hunting is allowed, endangered species and typical hunting season dates (remember that specific dates may vary year to year and state to state).

Rabbits and hares may be found almost in all U.S. states, from Florida to Hawaii and Texas to Idaho; each state with its particular species and habitats, being necessary a special regulation for each one.

On northern states, rabbits hunting season usually begins with the fall, around September and October and lasts until the end of January and even February on some states; thus hunting rabbits and hares in northern states require a little snow hiking U.S. hare huntingbecause the rabbits and hares season overlaps with the winter, when these animals are not breeding.

But on warmer states things are a little bit different; i.e. rabbits may be hunted all year round in Florida, Texas, Arizona and Utah; at the same time, northern states such as Alaska and Oregon neither have a closed rabbits season, even when bag limits are lower and, in the case of Alaska, all year round hunting depends of units and year, so refer to the Alaska's Department of Fish and Game to find accurate, updated information for this year.

Meanwhile in Hawaii you can't hunt rabbits because the population is low and the islands are a wildlife sanctuary. Same thing occurs at Maine where there's no open season for the New England cottontail because of being and endangered species, but you can go out for snowshow hares.

In New Hampshire Eastern cottontails season is closed when it overlaps with New England cottontails because this last species was reclassified as endangered , thus hunting those rabbits is prohibited to protect their population.

In California rabbits hunting season is particularly long, usually beginning on July and ending by the end of January.

It's not hard to figure out how rabbits and hares hunting is so popular. It may be done practically all around the country; seasons are reasonable long, there's no need to carry on heavy equipment and if you wish something out of the regular season, there's always chance to make a trip south to those states where rabbits hunting is permitted all year long.

What else do you need to planify your rabbits hunting trip? The season is still on the go!

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