Where to hunt pheasants in U.S.

Where to hunt pheasants in U.S.

Pheasants are originally from Asia but they have been successfully introduced on wildlife in many, many countries, including U.S. where their adaptation to local conditions has been remarkable.

Due to an increasing pheasants population in U.S., its hunting has become a very popular sport with a raising number of hunters after pheasants each year; however these birds have adapted better to some states more than others, so if you are interested on pheasants hunting here you'll find the best states to find them.

Before beginning your pheasant hunting trip, please refer to each state Wildlife Authorities in order to be aware of season dates and local regulations. With such information you will be able to plan your trip to the following states to find and hunt pheasants:

1. South Dakota

 With more than 1.6 millions birds harvested only on 2009 season, South Dakota is undoubtedly the leader state on both, pheasant population as well number of birds harvested and so the place you need to go if you wish a high number of pheasants, however you must keep in mind that it will be the state with the highest number of pheasant hunters as well.Best U.S. states for pheasant hunting

2. Iowa

The second more prolific state, Iowa reports a steady increase on pheasant catching year after year, preceded only by South Dakota. The highest pheasants populations are found on the north central and northwestern areas of the state.

3. Minnesota

The third state with the highest harvesting rate, Minnesota pheasant hunting patterns looks like Iowa's with slightly small numbers. The highest population areas are found on south central and southwestern regions of Minnesota state.

4. Kansas

It's large wheat stands provide a remarkable place for hens nesting leading to an raising population as well an increasing number of harvested birds year after year,  locating Kansas on the top five states for pheasants hunting, specially the western regions where the highest number of harvested birds are reported.

5. Nebraska

Different from all other states where one or two seasons on the last two decades, it has been a decrease on the number of harvested pheasants, Nebraska shows a steady increasing pattern with no recoil during the 21st Century. With a changing population pattern characterized by a population reduction on the eastern side of the state and an increase on the western areas, Nebraska's southwestern region is still considered the best place for pheasant hunting on the state.

6. North Dakota

Even when its numbers are not as impressive as its south neighbour, North Dakota shows remarkable numbers on pheasants population as well the number of catches, making of it a real good option for pheasant hunters, specially on the areas south to the I-94 where the highest harvesting rates are reported.

Montana and Colorado also show good numbers and even when such states don't have the highest pheasant populations, they are good choices for pheasant hunting too, especially if you wish to increase your tracking and hiking skills.


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